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Check Out Why Video Marketing Is The Future Of Content Marketing

As the digital outlook changes, so does the outlook of content marketing. In today’s fast-paced universe, a video is considered as a king in the digital space. A report from Cisco shows that 80% of global internet consumption will be video content by 2019. So, if a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much is a video worth? Unquestionably, a video is going to offer you astonishing results.

Check Out Why Video Marketing Is The Future Of Content Marketing

There are several staggering video marketing statistics that prove why video marketing is being hailed as the future of content marketing. Video content is one of the leading trends in this industry to promote your brand successfully. Except for this, there are many other techniques you need to be aware of if you want to do well in business terms.

For the latest digital marketing trends and updates, you can browse platforms like Techicy. Here, you can find all the trending events and news related to technology and add them to your business tactics to boost your revenue. Coming to the main topic…. 

Video Marketing: A Valuable Content Approach for Businesses

Video marketing has become a smart way to approach content marketing these days due to its built-in-value, viral nature, and simple accessibility. It is an incredible method to generate content that is personal & catchy and can help you make a real impact on the prospective audience.

Video content marketing has an incompatible ability to attract people, encourage them to view your brand video, and generate emotion driven sales. Consumers want to feel good about their buying decision and video advertising is the best way to build this feeling (when followed correctly).

Video marketing does not stop here. There are many other ways to push the envelope and offer your customers an opportunity to understand and experience your business through videos.

Raising Value of Video Content Marketing 

Video content marketing is the most in-demand and fastest-growing form of online marketing out there. Video content is the only thing in the marketplace today that all digital marketers should use to be in the marketing race. Let’s know the reasons to start using video content marketing.

  1. Video Content Boosts Brand Recall

According to a report by HubSpot, 80% of people remember a video they have viewed last month. The biggest strength of video marketing is that it is highly auditory and visual, that means video content is more memorable than text-based content. If your consumers remember your video content, it means they also remember your business. When more and more people remember your brand, it results in more leads and sales. Remember to keep your brand video in line with your strategy to make it as memorable as possible.

  1. People Love to Share Visual Content 

A SmallBizTrends report states people prefer to share videos 1200% more than images and text combined. This makes video an attractive choice for businesses that want to reach and connect more and more customers.

Always keep in mind that your audience typically loves to share a video they enjoy. So, if you want to expand your online reach, it is your responsibility to ensure that the video you are creating is interesting enough to get more and more likes and shares. Create accessible, information-dense, and easy-to-interact videos, upload them on different platforms, and let your content go viral.

  1. Video Content Performs Well on All Devices 

Another trend that is driving the online advertising world is – a responsive design. When the content of a company does not perform well on a given browser or device, the brand behind it loses traffic that leads to decreased conversion rate. Fortunately, video content is suitable on all devices including computers, laptops, tabs, and mobile devices. This expands the reach of your video and makes it more customer-focused and user-friendly.


Needless to say, it is high time to introduce video in your content marketing strategy. Otherwise, chances are higher that you will fall behind. Showing your content is a perfect method to make your content more entertaining and engaging. By adding movement, sound, and facial expressions, video content is the right approach to turn your thoughts in reality, in a way that no image or text can.

If money, time, and resources are your concern, no worries. Video creation is exceptionally easy, you just need to choose the right tool. Renderforest is a video making tool that can help you in making content creation easy and fun. With this tool, you can turn your story from lengthy texts to a video in a couple of clicks.

Undoubtedly, video content is at its peak at the moment. It’s easy to create and more attractive as compared to any other medium and is the first priority of all people. Apply this video content marketing approach and get ready to take your brand to new heights.

Check Out Why Video Marketing Is The Future Of Content MarketingBio: Roman Daneghyan is Chief Marketing Officer at Renderforest, specializing in social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO.

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