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Celebrities Who Rock Hair Extensions

Do you ever wonder how your favorite celebrities switch from one hairstyle to another? After chopping their hair, they don’t need to sit and wait for it to grow back. They can simply rock any hairstyle as they please. Their secret? Hair extensions!

Celebrities Who Rock Hair Extensions

Celebrities With and Without Hair Extensions

Celebrities change their hairstyles almost in an instant. Most times, they need to be in a lot of places within the day. They need to be sure that they’re always paparazzi-ready. A trick that always works is wearing hair extensions. Check out these celebrities who are rocking hair extensions to a whole different level!

Ariana Grande

Celebrities Who Rock Hair Extensions

Ariana Grande used to have chest-length brunette curls. But with the magic of hair extensions, she was able to achieve a gentle teenage look.

She has this signature ponytail look with her hair flowing down to her waist. From her brunette curls, she’s now rocking her black and dark blonde waist-length hair. Fans admire Ariana’s look because it makes her look young and bold. She’s using clip-in hair extensions tied up in a ponytail to keep her natural hair together.


Celebrities Who Rock Hair Extensions

As one of the leading singer-songwriters of our time, Beyoncé knows how to rock her look. From her natural curls to straight long hair, she can carry any hairstyle she wears. The secret to Queen B’s crowning glory is weave hair extensions. We all love B’s fashionable thick hair. Since she used to have voluminous dark blonde curls, the weaving method is ideal. You really can’t tell apart her natural hair from her hair extensions!

Kim Kardashian

Celebrities Who Rock Hair Extensions

One of the beautiful icons of 2019 is Kim K. The beauty of Kim’s crowning glory flourished when she discovered hair extensions. She used to have flat black waist-length hair. When Kim started to wear hair extensions, she achieved a more daring look. The secret to her beautiful hair is the braiding method where the shorter strands blend with the hair extensions.  She uses a variety of hair extensions and is a fan of clip-ins and tape-ins.

Jennifer Lopez

Celebrities Who Rock Hair Extensions

One of women’s hair inspirations is Jennifer Lopez. J.Lo once had tight caramel curls resting on her chest before she decided to style it more. To alleviate the volume, she decided to straight and highlight her hair.

As a performer, she wants to wear her hair differently every now and then. This is achievable with the use of hair extensions. Her signature look is waist-length in light ash brown color. It has enough volume to emphasize the shape of her face. To achieve her waist-length loose curls, her hairstylist either uses pre-bonded, nano ring or micro-ring extensions. She could definitely rock any hairstyle with these hair extensions!

The Secret to Celebrity-looking Hair Extensions

It is no secret that achieving the perfect look can be difficult. It is a series of trial and error to see which hairstyle suits you the most. Famous celebrities always work on how they look and never cease to amaze their fans about their transformation. More than just length, hair extensions gave their hair life.

Some tips to achieve the celebrity-look with hair extensions:

  • The variety of hair extensions to choose from depends on what your hair needs. You can choose from clip-in, tape-in, weaved, pre-bonded or micro-ring hair extensions. Whichever suits you the most, choose the hair extensions with the highest quality.
  • The quality of the hair extensions should be considered more than its appearance. This is to achieve the celebrity-look without compromising your safety. Be wary of the hair that you’ll be buying. With the number of hair extensions in the market, some are claiming to be natural hair when it’s made of synthetic hair.
  • To avoid hair infection, evaluate the hair extensions requiring adhesives. Adhesives contain chemicals which could deprive the growth of your hair.
  • Stick with reputable manufacturers for high-quality hair extensions.
  • More than the price and quality, it’s about how you carry your crowning glory.
  • Some celebrities use virgin coconut oil and lavender oil to make their hair strong and shiny.
  • It’s also about the stylist! Go for someone who has a good reputation when it comes to attaching and styling hair extensions.
  • Learn how to take care of your hair extensions!


The use of hair extensions for celebrities is efficient. Customizing their hair every now and then is possible with hair extensions. It helps them achieve their desired look the fastest way possible. You can rock their hairstyles, too! Keep up with the latest celebrity trends and make sure to get high-quality hair extensions!

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