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8 Best iPhone Lenses For Beginners

Every tech and gadget savvy person will rate iPhone above other choices. Even though the iPhone is an excellent product in every way but still some compatible devices can better its functionality. One such device is a compatible iPhone lens that can make photography experience worthwhile especially for the beginners. While talking about photography accessories, you can get a wide variety of photography and videography equipment <do-follow>here. In this blog, you will get an insight into the best iPhone lenses for beginners.

Moment Tele Lens:

8 Best iPhone Lenses For Beginners

The Moment Tele Lens is a perfect match for the iPhone as it will take the quality of photography to another level. It is an excellent lens for beginners that will make photography experience enjoyable and convenient. There are options of 60 mm and 58 mm available that offer a vibrant scope of photography. It is very handy and fits in the pocket easily.

Moment Tele Lens comes with a mounting plate to facilitate a learner in getting a stable shot. Its attachment case makes it a convenient choice as it does not require a customized phone case. The picture taken from this lens is refined without any pixels and distortion. In addition to the iPhone, it also supports 25 different IOS devices. A brief review of Moment Tele Lens can be read here.

ExoLens with Optics by Zeiss Wide-Angle:

8 Best iPhone Lenses For Beginners

This Exolense With Optics by Zeiss Wide Angle is a revolutionary product for beginners who want to learn photography on their iPhone. It gives delightful shots of detailing and clarity.

The wide angle of Exolense reduces the focal length of the iPhone camera up to 18mm. Its casing is made up of black anodized aluminum, and the detachable lens offers comfort for the beginners.

You can get more detailed information about the Exolens With Optics by Zeiss Wide-Angle here.

DXO One:

8 Best iPhone Lenses For Beginners

The DXO One is an excellent choice for beginners its user-friendly technology makes it more desirable. Unlike other lenses, it does not enhance the functionality of the iPhone camera but replaces it. It is very light and convenient to carry.

The 1-inch sensor of the DXO One is in the league with the larger cameras with the ability to work without being connected to the Device. When it’s connected with an iPhone, it makes use of the iPhone’s display and offers complete manual controls.


8 Best iPhone Lenses For Beginners

For everyone who is keen to learn photography and videography with 360 degrees VR touch, INSTA360 NANO is the right choice. You can attach it to the iPhone via adapter and gives the best photos imaginable.

The best thing is the convenience of its usage that makes it an ideal choice for learners.

It has a sleek design that sits flush on the back of an iPhone. The lightweight of INSTA360 NANO makes it very easy to carry around.

Sony QX10:

8 Best iPhone Lenses For Beginners

Sony QX10 is one of the leading iPhone compatible lenses because of its broader scope and excellent functionality. Its focal length ranges from 20-100mm giving a better zoom without pixelation.  

Sony QX10 has Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity and can be attached with an iPhone through an adapter. It supports a micro SD card for storage. You will notice an instant upgrade in the image quality of the iPhone camera after attaching Sony QX10 with it.

Olloclip XS Max Clip:

8 Best iPhone Lenses For Beginners

This Olloclip XS Max is the ideal choice for all aspiring photographers as it is easy yet effective in usage. The lens is super wide with 15* macro and 180° fisheye. It offers an excellent picture quality with clarity.

It is very handy to carry due to its lightweight and small size. You can attach and detach the lens with utmost convenience due to its sliding feature.

PhotoJojo magnetic iPhone lens:

8 Best iPhone Lenses For Beginners

For all beginners who want to explore different aspects of photography, this Photojojo magnetic iPhone lens is a starter pack. The diameter of the lens ranges from 16m to 25mm. It is compatible with all models of the iPhone and is easily attachable.

You can get every type of shot from this lens from wide-angle to fisheye. It has a high-clarity thick glass and is convenient to attach with the phone due to its magnetic feature.

Mobi-lens wide + macro smart lens:

8 Best iPhone Lenses For Beginners

For all the photography enthusiasts who want to learn the craft, this Mobi-lens Wide + Macro Smart Lens is the ideal choice. It gives you the luxury of two lenses of macro and fisheye images. The silicon grip facilitates a better attachment with the phone.

It also offers excellent videography with clear video shots that capture the true visual essence of the site. Another quality of this lens is that it prevents the glare in the sunlight to give the most refined shot. You can learn more about Mobi-lens Wide + Macro Smart Lens here.

Why These Choices are Best for Beginners:

Convenient to use: The first reason that makes these choices ideal for beginners is their convenient usage. All of these lenses are efficient in functionality without any complex features. A beginner can develop a good understanding of all the features of the lens quickly that will facilitate him in practicing more.

Easy to carry: Due to their small size and lightweight, these lenses are easy to carry. Any aspiring photographer can carry them anywhere conveniently for an enjoyable photography experience.


After examining all the pros and cons of all these lenses, it is safe to say that Insta 360 Nano is the best choice for beginners. It has everything that a newbie would want from state-of-the-art features to convenient-usage. The best part is that despite its excellent functionality, it has a reasonable price. So, all the beginners out there who are looking are wondering about which iPhone lens to choose, go for Insta360 Nano.

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