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Car Maintenance 101: 7 Tactics to Extend the Life to Your Car

It’s been just a year since you bought your car and you are already facing problems with it. Sometimes it’s the engine that is bothering you, while at other times, it’s the brakes. We can’t stress enough how crucial your owner’s manual is. Consider it your best friend that will help you maintain your car for years to come!

Tactics to Extend the Life to Your Car

With the said, let’s have a look at seven car maintenance tactics that will extend the life of your car:

1.  Change Air Filters After Every 12 Months

Clogged air filters are the reason why your car is not running smoothly. This small problem causes a chain reaction, which affects many parts of your car. Since the air filters stop dirt from entering the engine, the engine breathes easily. However, when leaves and debris from a thick layer, the engine doesn’t work well and impacts the car’s performance. So, have a look at your car’s air filters every month and replace them yearly.

2.  Check Tire Pressure Every Time When Going On a Long Drive

Premature wear and tear can cause blowouts, which can have severe and in some cases, deadly consequences. Hence, when you are going for a long drive, do get the tire pressure checked and car tax check.

3.  Check the Necessary Fluids

Once your car’s engine has cooled down, check the engine oil. Use the dipstick to find out if the oil is still fresh and at the right level. Then check the power steering fluid and transmission fluid. These three fluids are essential for your car’s performance as they are what your car runs on.

4.  Fill Up the Tank with Quality Gasoline

If a station doesn’t use pump filters, then chances are your car is getting dirty gasoline. Some people even water down the product, which causes problems for the engine. You will feel the difference between cheap and premium gasoline, as your car will shut down and jerk often while driving. Always go to a trusted station to fill up your tank.

5.  Change the Spark Plugs Regularly

Spark plugs are amongst the top car parts that break down first. They wear down or get covered in dirt. In some cases, the problem might lie with the spark plug wires. A small tear in them will disconnect them every time you start your car. This increases exhaust emission, reduces engine power and lowers fuel economy.

6.  Check the Serpentine Belt Every Now and Then

The serpentine belt ensures the proper driving of multiple peripheral devices in your car. When this belt breaks down, the steering system loses power, and it becomes difficult to turn the car. It also prevents the water pump from functioning properly, which stops the antifreeze from circulating through the system and as a result, the engine overheats. So, if you see a tear in this belt, replace it ASAP or you might find yourself standing in a showroom and looking at new cars.

7.  If it’s Too Old, Then Replace It!

There are plenty of options that can help you buy a new car such as taking out a personal loan, hire purchase (HP) finance, personal contract purchase (PCP) and peer-to-peer loans.

And there you have it — seven beginner maintenance tips that will help you increase your car’s life. Have a look at your owner’s manual to know what other parts need replacing for proper functioning.

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