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Can You Get a TESOL Certification Online?

Planning to pursue a career as an English teacher abroad? Or you are an experienced educator who wants to switch to teaching online. Getting TESOL-certified can open up broader avenues to establish a successful career teaching the English language online. Certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is internationally recognized and also accepted by online education platforms.

Online TESOL Certification 

There are two ways to get TESOL training: in-class and online certification programs. TESOL certification online gives you the flexibility to complete the course at your convenience and from anywhere in the world. So, if you want to take an online TESOL certification course, here’s everything you should know.

Online TESOL Certification 

Having a TESOL certification is one of the best ways to become an ESL teacher in your country, work online, or pursue a job abroad. While there are many TESOL training centers, a good alternative is to pursue the certification course online. A primary advantage of online certification is you can complete the course at your leisure and from anywhere across the world. Additionally, online TESOL courses have a comprehensive curriculum, but at the same time, they are self-paced.

There are different TESOL certification courses you can apply for, as you can find with any reputable provider such as However, the basic requirement is completing at least 120 hours of English proficiency training. It is a mandatory requirement to get a certificate upon completing the course and seeking employment.

You can get access to the TESOL certification course as soon as you complete the application process and make payment online. It does not have a specific start or finish date. You will get up to 6 months from the date of applying to access the course. The curriculum remains similar to in-class TESOL certification.

Online TESOL Certification Curriculum 

The basic 120-hour program comprises 129 units and 18 topics. It covers modules that are designed for anyone who has a level of comprehension of B1 intermediate or higher. There are no age restrictions or educational qualifications required to apply for the course. The curriculum topics include:

1: Fundamentals of English Language

2: Language and Culture

3: Second Language Acquisition

4: The Teacher and the Classroom

5: Classroom Management

6: Curriculum and Syllabus Fundamentals

7: Course Design

8: Lesson Planning and Course Materials

9: Trends in Language Teaching

10: Teaching Tools and Techniques

11: Teacher Development

12: Pedagogy and Methodology

13: Assessment and Student Evaluation

14: Teaching Speaking

15: Teaching Writing

16: Teaching Reading

17: Teaching Listening

18: Teaching Grammar 

Is Online TESOL Certification Valid? 

You’d be wondering if it is valid if you pursue TESOL certification online. The answer is – yes. Online TESOL certification courses are accepted internationally and give you the provision to teach ESOL/ESL/EFL across the world. Most prestigious institutions, employers, and e-learning platforms accept online certification.

However, to broaden your career scope, it is crucial that you combine your theoretical English teaching knowledge with hands-on experience. Some online courses can be supplemented with an additional practical program that provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of classroom management, student management, etc. It is also ideal to hone your English language proficiency and utilize it to progress your career.

What Happens After You Complete the Online TESOL Course? 

After completing the course and obtaining the minimum score as required by the provider, you will be awarded the TESOL certification. This certificate is suitable to obtain a work visa or get started with a career in online teaching. Some TESOL course providers also offer job assistance to candidates who complete the course and receive a certificate. They can help you with building your resume, a demo lesson, and other assistance.

What is the Cost of TESOL Certification Online? 

In most cases, the basic 120-hour TESOL certification course is enough to build a career as an ESL teacher. The cost starts from $199. And if you want to pursue more advanced courses, the cost of TESOL certification may start from $400.

Advantages of TESOL Certification Course Online 

If you are apprehensive about taking a TESOL certification course online, then here are some advantages to keep in mind.

  • You can receive internationally-accredited TESOL certification that is accepted by employers and online education providers globally.
  • Have your personal native-speaking trainer whom you can ask questions and consult for doubts during the course.
  • Self-paced courses that allow you to learn at your convenience and remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Comprehensive course curriculum designed for beginners as well as advanced learners.
  • You can learn from highly experienced and qualified course instructors who have expertise in providing TESOL coaching programs online.
  • Online TESOL courses are more affordable than in-classroom programs.

The Final Words 

Getting a TESOL certification can help progress your career in the field of teaching English abroad or online. Make sure you apply with only a reputable online TESOL certification provider that has years of experience, has a comprehensive course curriculum, and provides job assistance.

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