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Buying Sneakers with Bots

Many sneakerheads find it very frustrating when it’s time for the hottest new sneakers to drop. While trying to get your hands on sneakers in high demand, you may be overwhelmed with the competition and leave empty-handed, even when you’re buying online. Sneaker bots are a great way for anyone to snatch the sneakers they’ve been eyeing.

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Going Digital for Sneakers

While getting a sneaker bot is a great way to try and beat the sneaker crowd, there are some who prefer the old fashioned way of buying sneakers in high demand. Retailers announce a date well in advance for consumers to prepare. When the date comes for the shoes to drop, anyone who wants to get their hands on a pair has to wait in line, usually for hours. Then they have to hope the right size will still be available when their turn finally arrives. Not the most pleasant experience.  

With everything going online, more sneakerheads are having to adjust to the technology of sneaker bots and proxies for a better chance of copping their shoes. It’s no longer enough to show up extra early to the retailer and get in line. You will improve your chances by downloading apps and signing up for mailing lists for information on how to be one of the first to obtain sneakers in high demand. 

Even then, you could be placed in a raffle where the retailers randomly pick proven sneakerheads to purchase the shoes. 

Improving Your Chances with a Sneaker Bot

Bots are designed to eliminate this problem. Once purchased, the bots can save your name, address, and bank information. So, when a drop is announced, you can often bypass the retailer’s security and buy the shoes at an inhuman speed with the push of a button. 

Sneakerheads without bots can hardly compare with the nimbleness of a machine. Even when the release is a raffle, a sneaker bot allows making hundreds of entries, greatly improving the chances of its users. Pitted against a well-configured sneaker bot, manual buyers simply have no chance to compete. 

A sneaker bot can cost anywhere from fifty to hundreds of dollars when bought directly from the provider. However, like the sneakers they buy, the best bots are always in short supply. A lively aftermarket has formed around sneaker bot reselling, were the most sought after software can cost thousands of dollars. 

But getting a bot alone is often not enough. Automated sneaker shopping requires a whole ecosystem of tools to make it a menace and not a money sink during shoe releases. 

Scaling Up with Sneaker Proxies

Sneaker proxies are one of such tools. They are an excellent way to maximize your potential of being able to buy multiple pairs of the same sneaker when using sneaker bots. 

Most people like to buy multiple pairs of shoes in high demand for resale, but may have their IP blocked after using it once to reserve one pair. Proxies give you multiple IP addresses to make it appear as though you are different people in different locations, allowing you to potentially maximize your profit. 

You have the option of going with a residential proxy or a datacenter proxy. Most buyers prefer residential proxies because the IP addresses are borrowed from residential users. Residential proxies are issued by internet service providers instead of data centers which make them more difficult to block. The IP addresses of datacenter proxies come from data centers that provide cloud services. For the best options for sneaker proxies, check out Proxyway’s best sneaker proxies list.

Other Tools That Make Sneaker Botting Work

There are more tools you can use to enhance your experience with sneaker bots like sneaker servers, virtual credit cards, and discord cook groups. 

Sneaker servers are like having another computer that you control on your own PC. They give you more resources to work with: a fast connection that is close to the sneaker retailer’s servers and powerful hardware for more tasks. Some use a sneaker server simply to run bots on a macOS computer – most are Windows only.  

Virtual credit cards are great because most sneaker sites do not allow multiple purchases with the same credit card. These cards can be opened for specific tasks and with set allowances. After a sneaker release, you can simply discard your virtual cards and forget about them. 

Discord cook groups are another excellent tool for inside information about releases of highly-coveted shoes. They provide setup instructions for the bot, monitors that alert you when a release goes live, reselling advice, and other useful know-how. Cook groups usually charge monthly for membership and limit admittance.

Being equipped with a sneaker bot and the helpful tools to assist may not guarantee every attempt you make to purchase your shoes will be successful. But your chances are far greater than they would be without a bot.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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