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Budget Friendly Internet and TV Bundles for Your Home

Part of being an adult is paying the bills, and what’s more frustrating than paying for an internet service that has connectivity issues or reaches its limit before the month’s end? When subscribing to an internet package, one must keep in mind the usage that is required within the household. Kids may need it for gaming, online assignments, streaming videos, and you may need it for work, as well as the nightly ritual of catching up on some episodes on Netflix.

Budget Friendly Internet and TV Bundles for Your Home

So what is better than a solo internet package? We’ll tell you, a bundle! Bundles provided by Internet Service Providers include multiple services – that obviously includes an Internet service, along with Digital or Cable TV service, with some offering Home Phone services as well. And yes, home phones are still in use in this decade, only that they’ve evolved from what they used to be.

Here are some budget-friendly bundles by different Internet Service Providers which come at reasonable rates, and include a combination of services.

Optimum: Core TV + Internet 500

Optimum is renowned for providing some of the best internet packages across the States, with minimum download speeds of 300 Mbps, higher than what most ISPs offer. Its Core TV + Internet 500 bundle is one of the most sought after in the regions where it is offered.

For $90 monthly, exclusive of taxes, fees and other charges however, customers get an internet subscription with a download speed of 500 Mbps, along with what they call Whole Home Wi-Fi. There is also a subscription to Optimum TV, and it includes over 220 channels, with over 60 in HD.

Subscription to any optimum service, including this particular bundle, entitles you to a device that serves as a modem, router, DVR and cable box – all in one. Customers are exempted from being bound by any contract whatsoever – that means should you choose to unsubscribe to any Optimum service, there are no hefty termination fees or charges to bear.

Spectrum Double Play Select

Countless packages and bundles, but here’s the most sought-after Spectrum bundle – the Double Play Select.

With the Double Play Select, customers can enjoy Spectrum Internet’s services of zero data caps and download speeds of up to 200 Mbps. This bundle also includes a subscription to Spectrum TV’s services that offer over 125 channels and all in HD! It includes an On Demand library with thousands of options for customers to select movies or TV series from. But that’s not it, Spectrum has its own mobile TV app as well, which gives customers access to Spectrum TV services from our mobile phones and tablets!

This bundle retails for a monthly price of $89.98 for 12 months, with no binding contracts, and a 30-day money-back guarantee for all its customers!

WOW! Triple Play

WOW!’s internet packages bring customers the best value for their money. Imagine how great their bundles would be then.

WOW! Triple Play is priced as low as $69.98 monthly, exclusive of taxes and extra fees. With WOW! Internet customers can enjoy high-speed downloads of up to 1 Gbps. Its Internet subscription also includes additional services such as free installation, online security like firewall and anti-virus programs to protect your network against malware; and a 30-day money-back guarantee should you not find WOW! services suitable to your needs.

With this bundle, customers also get a WOW! TV subscription – that includes over 160 channels, inclusive of some of America’s popular networks, access to WOW!’s On Demand library and Pay Per View content, and their DVR services to record live TV.

Like the word triple literally means 3, a third service offered by WOW! within this bundle is its WOW! Home Phone service. Get unlimited local calling minutes and 100 minutes of domestic dialing. WOW! customers are not entitled to sign any contracts either.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the right bundle for your home, whether it is for one particular service or a combination of the rest, the first step would be in identifying which providers and what specific bundles from their services are available in your area. Certain providers offer different packages and plans relative to the region they are operating in. Nonetheless, the 3 providers mentioned above include several benefits for their clientele to avail should anybody subscribe to any of their services. Find a suitable package for your home today at First Energy Home. Head on to their website, type in your address and start from there!

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