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Bosch And Nikola To Work Jointly On Electrified Long-Haul Truck

The pioneering German-based auto component supplier, Bosch is collaborating with the startup Nikola Motor Co. to introduce two hydrogen electric-based, heavy duty and long-haul truck models in the market by 2021.

The electric medium and the heavy-duty truck market is at present in an immature state but still has managed to attract many competitors.

Some of the leading players such as Navistar International Corp., Daimler, the electric carmaker and host of several new entrants, Tesla, are furiously working to beat complexities of replacing batteries and electric transmission with diesel engines to bring down the level of carbon dioxide and pollution.

Bosch And Nikola To Work Jointly

Nikola and Bosch will together design a powertrain, which delivers power from the engine to its axle, through Bosch’s eAxle technology. Bosch that had touched the mark of €73.1 Billion in sales in the previous year is now significantly shifting its focus on zero-emission vehicles from a conventional combustion engine.

The electric motor installed in the truck will be powered by hydrogen fuel cell. Hydrogen fuel cells have the efficiency to charge the batteries and travel to longer distance. Both the models Nikola one and Nikola Two models are expected to be equipped with an electric powertrain and have the travel range of 800–1,200 Miles. Accidents are quite unexpected and can cause serious damage both health wise and money wise. In such cases, getting covered with attorneys such as Cumming truck accident attorney can help you recover expenses.

Both the companies stated that the eAxle system will be integrated with the jointly developed customized fuel cell system and project that the powertrain will accomplish sector dominating performance in such competitive market.

Chief Executive Officer of Navistar, Troy Clarke stated that the key competition until the battery prices come under control will be in urban areas that have predictable and shorts routes.

Recently, a week ago, Daimler stated that the United Parcel Service Inc. will be the first potential commercial client in the U.S for its newly developed eCanter package delivery truck, which is powered by a battery. The company projects to boost the production of the electric truck as long range and low-cost batteries will be soon available in the coming 2–3 Years.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, tweeted that it would reveal the concept model of an electric semi-trailer on October 26, 2017.

It has been also reported that the Tesla’s semi-truck is anticipated to deliver a range of 200–300 Miles, which is comparatively less than those 1000 Miles capable diesel-powered vehicles that the U.S based long-haul trucker use.
Thus, it can be concluded that along with highly advanced vehicles, the development of such compatible devices and parts will be mandatory.

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