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Book A Cheap International Flight: Compare Nonstop, Direct & Connecting

If you want to look for a cheap international flight, you always have a choice. Do you want a nonstop or a connecting flight?

There’s a term that experts call the “convenience tax.” It is the extra money you pay to enjoy added comfort while you travel that can be found on nonstop flights.

If you don’t know their difference, you’ve found the right place because we’re going to discuss here their differences and where can you have more savings.

Book A Cheap International Flight

Nonstop Flights

Nonstop flights can get you to your destination as quickly as possible. If you choose this kind of flight, you can get to your destination from your departure city without any stopping.

You don’t have to stop at any airport to transfer for a connecting flight. This is a lot convenient for families who are traveling with children but are always the most pricey. Most major airlines charge a premium for this flight.

Presently, the longest nonstop flight is between Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN) and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). It takes 19 hours to reach Singapore from the United States that has a distance of more than 9, 500 miles.

Direct Flights

Direct flights are different from nonstop flights. Although it will take you to your destination from your departure city, it usually makes a stop in one or more of the cities.

Passengers are not asked to leave the plane otherwise they need to transfer. Some may leave while most of them stay on board. It is called direct because the flight maintains the same number even if they make one or more than one stop.

Direct flights are cheaper than nonstop flights but are more expensive than a connecting flight. Some planes may have more than one stop, so ensure that you are aware of this before booking your flight.

Direct flights can be called “through flights” if you need to change an aircraft. If you take a direct flight, you’ll not be able to earn mileage rewards because it is based on the flight number and not on the number of legs of your flight.

Some passengers avoid booking direct flights because it usually requires extra travel time. Airlines make a stop for refueling or to pick up passengers.

Connecting Flights

A connecting flight involves a change of aircraft. Here you’ll have two or more flight numbers depending on the change of aircraft.

Oftentimes, connecting flights may appear the cheapest type of flight. However, keep in mind that you still have to pay for extra airport fees (Passenger Facility Charges or PFCs) in every airport you stop.

This is not recommended for people who always want to reach their destination fast. Connecting flights may encounter some delays due to air traffic control and weather.

It takes long hours to reach the destination due to long layovers. It may be a little inconvenient because you have to get down the plane, take a walk and board another plane.

If you need to get to your destination quickly and avoid the hassle of transfer, you should avoid booking a connecting flight. There’s a reason why it is the cheapest mode of flying.

Nonstop flights are not cheap because you pay a premium seat to get you to your destination without the hassle and interruption. However, the price can vary depending on the competition for a particular route.

For example, if airline A is the only provider of nonstop flight in a city, they may charge a higher ticket price. If there are more airlines flying nonstop, then the ticket price is cheaper due to competition.

When booking your flight, you should carefully check the flight details to know if you have a nonstop, direct or connecting flight. Some passengers may not be aware of what they are booking.

Knowing this beforehand can give you an idea of how much you’ll be spending and what you’ll be expecting for your flight. For long haul flights, a lot of people prefer a nonstop flight to avoid layovers and having the need to transfer.

However, if you are more keen on the savings than convenience, you’re more likely to book a connecting flight. Moreover, if you are aware of their differences, you can choose your preferred flight to airline reservations when booking.

Flight search engines show nonstop flights on top of the searches rather than direct and connecting flights. In some cases, direct flights are also shown on top searches because they appear nonstop.

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