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Boodmo Works toward Becoming the Biggest Spare Parts Online Catalogue in India

Founded back in 2015, Boodmo develops its original spare part catalogue system to provide the widest and most comprehensive automotive spare parts list in India.

As the automotive market is in full development in India, more and more people are acquiring a personal vehicle. As with any other machinery, wear and damage caused by road accidents result in the need of repairs and replacement parts. Searching for reliable information sources on the internet is not a facile task even for the more experienced computer users. Various automotive related data can be found online without the possibility of discerning real updated facts from bogus information. Conflicted information may be found regarding compatibility of spare parts or replacement intervals. For this reason and a few others, Boodmo creates the proper environment where Indian car owners and mechanics can search after and acquire spare parts by benefiting from regularly updated catalogues and listings from all over India.


Boodmo presents itself under the form of an online marketplace, mediating the buying and selling process of car spare parts all over India. Boodmo staff checks spare parts sources and compiles updated catalogues for each car brand and model. This ensures an easy way for buyers to search for replacement components for their particular car model and get answer to any questions related to compatibility or availability. On the buyer side, organized and accurate catalogues will ensure a quick search for products leading to fast servicing of retail customers and increasing customer satisfaction as result. Boodmo employs content marketing experts to create a strong online presence all over India. On the seller side, Boodmo provides access to a wider market than the local, physical one that most spare part sellers are currently used to. This translates into a higher sale volume and, consequently, higher income. Business model works by selling advertisement to a prospecting target of 1 million visitors in 2016. Adding seller’s spare parts to Boodmo updated catalogues is free; the seller only pays a commission once the sale is completed successfully. In order to add one’s products to the updated catalogues, Boodmo requires valid information regarding the parts being offered for sale as well as the consent for publishing that information online.

Transparency is ensured as Boodmo does not handle the capital used to buy spare parts, but only offers the conjecture in which transactions can be created. In the process, a prospecting buyer checks Boodmo catalogues and searches through categories in order to find the component or components he or she is looking for. Once the spare part is found in one of the catalogues, the buyer places the order towards Boodmo which forwards it towards the parts supplier. The buyer transfer money directly to the seller and the seller takes charge of shipping the item. Once the transaction is completed, a preset commission is charged by Boodmo for the successful sale.

Boodmo is an Indian based company found in 2015. The main goal of the company is to provide a reliable online resource of spare parts catalogues, bringing together the offer and demand for replacement car parts in a moderated marketplace. At the moment, Boodmo employs 20 workers and uses 100% foreign investment. In 2016, Boodmo website enhanced its features by displaying actual prices and contact information of spare part suppliers for passenger cars in India. Boodmo mediates sales for individual spare parts seller, planning to extend website capabilities in the future to accommodate part dealers within the catalogues along with contact information and prices.




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