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Blocks, Slots, and Simulations: Our Top Three Android Games

Smartphones in 2017 offer so much more than just a means for communication; the choice of games and apps available for those with idle hands is mind-boggling. Fortunately for us, this means that boredom never has to be an option (if, that is, you have access to a decent internet connection or 3G/4G).

With mobile gaming revenues going up and up and even overtaking revenue numbers from traditional console gaming and PC gaming sectors, the choice as to what to play has never been greater and more tempting. Here are three gaming options to keep you entertained on the go, including a classic that is soon to make its way onto Android.

Tetris: The Original and Still One of the Best

If you are old enough to remember the Game Boy and the ultimate glory that could be had spending hours tuned in to these little devices, then the chances are you will remember playing the original Tetris game. Nothing could beat those momentarily flashing blocks when you completed a group of four lines! As for the music – think of it now and you can guarantee it will be stuck in your head for the next five hours. Despite a fairly complicated history, Tetris has been around for over 30 years and is now not only available on Android but actually almost feels like it was designed for Android devices in the first place.

“Tetris cookies” by mache (CC BY 2.0)

Tetris may lack the snazzy graphics and twists needed to make it a modern classic, but there is no doubting the fact that it offers a highly addictive gameplay option for all generations.

iGaming On the Go with

For our second choice, we move away from Tetris, a blast from the past, and into the thoroughly modern world of iGaming and the even more modern financial landscape of using cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a payment method. With the debate about the longevity and security levels of Bitcoin now firmly settled, in 2017 there are more and more opportunities to acquire and spend them.

Mobile slot companies like allow gamers the chance to play video slot games like Rabbit in the Hat and Dragon Dance, each of which focuses on an immersive theme, with the possibility of hitting serious jackpots (jackpot wins which could rocket up in value, of course, next time Bitcoin increases in value). If you get really lucky, perhaps you will even follow in the path of Kristoffer Koch, who made a fortune after forgetting about his Bitcoin stash for a number of years! offer customers the chance to make their daily work-break gaming experience even more fun by handing them a Free Spins Payday promotion, which gives customers free spins on payday after making a deposit in weeks one, two, and three of the month.

Enjoy a Simulating Time with The Sims

Although The Sims Mobile isn’t out yet everywhere, those who have enjoyed it have been raving about it. Unfortunately, you can’t just pay a fixed fee to play the game as EA want you to make in-app purchases. However, this does mean that you can try out the game and decide if it meets the standards you hope for before committing to really going all in on the game!

“The Sims 4 at Gamescom 2013” by Sergey Galyonkin (CC BY-SA 2.0)

With the chance to run other people’s lives always a big draw for gamers (let’s just be honest here!), this title is likely to be one of the biggest of 2017, and could well be in the running alongside the likes of Super Mario Run and Pokemon Go to be one of the big games on Android.

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