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Blackjack Tips, Tricks, and Myths

If you are new to online blackjack, this article is made especially for you! We have collected the main tips and tricks of the game that will help you feel more confident when you first sit down at the table to play. The key things to know about blackjack, the legality of card counting, and other important issues – read below.

Blackjack Tips, Tricks, and Myths

Watch your hands

Our first tip is for impatient players who calculate their actions based on their own cards without even looking at the dealer’s up card. Even if it seems to you that the dealer’s card does not cause much concern, still we recommend checking it before making a further decision. For example, if after the deal you have a king and a seven, i.e., a pretty good hand, you might be tempted to hold it. However, it is worth keeping such a combination only if the dealer has a two, three, four, five, or six, otherwise, it is better to take another card. And it makes sense! So, never take any action until you check the dealer’s up card.

Know your limit

Perhaps the most important piece of advice we can give players who are about to play blackjack bitcoin in an online casino is to know your limits. This means that if your budget is only €20, try to break it down into several stakes so as not to go bankrupt. Keep in mind that if you decide to bet everything at once, you may lose everything at once, which can lead to the temptation to deposit even more money than you can afford to spend. If you have lost your allocated budget, take a short break. Gambling should be fun, and if at some point you start to feel like you’re not having a good time, it’s best to take a break and switch to something else.

Online blackjack card counting: legal or not?

Card counting is a completely legal strategy used by thousands of professionals around the world. Of course, some major casinos in Las Vegas are trying to stop this practice (although it is 100% legal), but at online casinos, you can safely use the card counting strategy during the game. The main thing you need to remember is that card counting is difficult to determine, so no one can put a blame on you.

Doesn’t the casino always win online blackjack?

In short: no. The outcome of any game is always influenced by the events that took place at the table before that. Thus, if you keep a close eye on the game, you can apply a card counting strategy and increase your chances of winning. In addition, even without the use of any strategies, the advantage of the casino over the player is one of the lowest among all games. Therefore, even a beginner without professional knowledge has excellent chances to beat the dealer from time to time.

Think with your head, not your heart

So you’re on a good winning streak, and emotionally, you initiate all-in on your next bet. If you win, you’ll be a hero, if you lose… but you won’t lose, right? Such an internal dialogue is familiar to many players, and, unfortunately, it does not always work out the way you plan. That’s why it’s so important to stick to the game plan, allowing your head, not your emotions, to dictate your bets and moves. The main thing you need to remember is always stick to the strategy of the game, even if your intuition tells you the opposite.

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