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Best Video Games For Teenagers

Everyone likes playing video games, who doesn’t!!! In this digital age where technology is the most important and in which young people prefer to be in front of a device rather than going outside to play games or read. But, all the games and content is not suitable for them some may even contain sexual and violent content. You can check as they provide game art outsourcing services for mobile and PC game developers. They will create 2D characters, concept art, 3D assets, game UI design, slot machine icons, and custom illustrations.. As a guardian or parents, we should focus on our children that, which contents are they consuming.

Best Video Games For Teenagers

By keeping in mind about teenagers, we are going to provide you the list of best video games which teens can consume from the age of 12. As a result, it will be easy for parents to pick a good game for their children easily.

But the parents suppose to make sure that the contents our children consuming is suitable for them.

We are presenting, the five best video games for teenagers. These games are all recommended for teenagers from 12 years and go from RPGs and adventures to strategy games. Games for this age are not as mature as Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty, but some may even contain sex and violence, so as a parents you should check the game before giving to your children.

  1. Aven Colony

This game was launched in 2017 for Xbox One, Play Station 4 and Windows PC. In this videogame, players must build and maintain a futuristic colony in an alien world. The game has very changing statistics and the needs the colony must be controlled in addition to building a community capable of surviving an arid environment.

This game is violent because players have to defend themselves building structures against aliens, but there is no blood and the only inappropriate content are some swear words that appear occasionally.

  1. Aegis defenders

This game was launched in 2018 for Nintendo Switch, Play Station 4 and PC. Despite being for a single player, the game rewards teamwork, since you can get to control 4 characters at once, changing from one to another.

It is a hybrid game of towers and platforms in which the player controls a team of characters that travel the world in search of famous relics. The characters must fight against strange and dangerous creatures, so the game contains weapons of various types: turrets, explosives, hammers, bows, and arrows, among others. Despite this, the artistic style is pixelated and therefore no blood is seen.

Although the game introduces the controls little by little and it is increasing the difficulty is relatively complex and requires practice and concentration. Besides having some girls dressed in slightly revealing clothes, it does not have inappropriate content for teenagers of this age.

  1. Brass Tactics

This game was launched in 2018 for Oculus Rift. It is a strategy game in real time designed by the design manager of the Age of Empires II.

In this game, players control several units of robots with hand gestures.

Violence is the focus of this game since it has units that launch arrows, cannon shots, and fireballs, but you can not see blood or guts because the military units are robotic.

It does not have any inappropriate content, but the games can be single-player against the machine or cooperative or competitive online.

This means that the players interact. The controls are easy to learn and there are frequent explanations of what the units can do, but sometimes the Rift sensors do not record command gestures to the units or tower placement and this can be frustrating.

In addition, it is advisable to note that in addition to the Virtual Reality team, 16 Gb of RAM is recommended, so a powerful computer is needed to play.

  1. Blasters of the Universe

This game was launched in 2018 for Play Station VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Live.

 It is a first-person shooter and is designed to play in Virtual Reality.

In principle, it is easy to control but to dodge the bullets you have to move, and that is difficult to do with a small space.

Yes, it is important to say that the Virtual Reality team is not recommended to children under 12 by their manufacturers because of the potential impact of technology on young players.

So, by reading this review you can choose the best game for your children. All the games playable on PlayStation ( see PlayStation 6 release date ) and PC.

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