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Best Samsung Tablet for You

Samsung is one of the best gadget brands that people like to use. There are plenty of Samsung products that you can find to support your daily needs. Besides a smartphone, you may also need a tablet to ease your work or just to enjoy the entertainment on a bigger screen. So, if you are looking for a Samsung Tablet, you can find some products that might suit you the best. iPrice can be the right place for you to find the tablets with a good price. 

Best Samsung Tablet for You

Samsung Galaxy Tablet A

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet A is one of the series that is affordable for the specs that it offers. You can find the 8.0 up to 10.1. They come with different prices and specs which you can find out. The most recommended tablet for this series is Samsung Galaxy Tablet A 10.1. This one costs about 10,500 Bath. It comes with 32GB memory with a 2GB drive. This tablet comes with a Full HD display that is perfect to read and to watch videos or movies on the way. The speaker that this tablet uses is Dolby Atmos Surround Sound. The clarity of the sound is decent. 

Another tablet that is more affordable from this A type is the 8.0. This series will only cost about 4,990 Bath. This is perfect for you who have a limited budget for a new tablet. The display is smaller than the 10.1, however, it is good enough to support your daily needs. You can read e-books and watch videos or listen to podcasts. As it has a smaller body, it is easy to carry and to be put in your bag. It comes with a 5,100mAh battery that can stay longer for your daily need. This Samsung Tablet is a wise choice for you who want the affordable stuff.  

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

If you want the better specs of Samsung Tablet, you can have a look at Samsung Galaxy Tab S. This series is a sophisticated version of Samsung tablet. For example the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. This product comes with a sleek body. This tablet is ultra-slim and it can perform like a PC. In other words, it can be your personal computer that is compact and light. This tablet comes with two options. You can choose the 6GB RAM or 8GB RAM. You will have enough space to store your music and videos. You will be fully sufficient every day or during your travel. This tablet costs around 12,999 Bath. 

You also can find another Galaxy S that is cheaper. There will be Samsung Galaxy Tablet S3 and S4. These two series are more affordable with a little bit different specs. For a Galaxy Tablet S3, you will need to spend 9,500 Bath. While the Galaxy S4 is around 11,750 Bath. You can choose the one that is suitable for your needs and your budget. 

You can check them all on iPrice which is easy for you to find the recommended Samsung Tablet. You also can check which shop offers the best price for the product that you are searching for. So you can find the right product at the best price possible.

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