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Best Practices For E-Stores: Magento Product Feeds (Google, Amazon, Bing)

It is no doubt that the world is turning into a global village which is steered by the increased technological advancements in our millennial age. This has made many companies, and business people try their way in an online platform with the aim of getting their attention from internet users.

Best Practices For E-Stores

It is only in our age where over 80% of buyers in the United States search for their products in online stores before making any purchase decision. What should this tell you? Simple; if your store lacks an online presence, your competitors will ride over you.

If you also have a store that is not well-optimized, you will not benefit from this user’s internet migration. This is where Magento comes in to make your E-Store and business relevant in this competitive market. So what is Magento?

What is Magento?

This is an e-commerce platform that makes your e-store to have a better shopping cart system, functionality, and great content for your customer.  With the use of its open-source technology, Magento provides excellent tools that can be used in marketing, optimizing your website, and managing your catalog.

Magento has empowered thousands of brands with great E-Stores that have helped their products to rank high in various Magento product feeds like in Google, Amazon, and Bing among others. Your business can be the next one in line. After reading through this article, you will make sound decisions. So what are the best practices that you should adopt? Keep reading.

The Best Practices for a Better E-Store

Adopting the new Magento Version for 2019

2019 will have a very competitive Google shopping as the previous years. Nevertheless, it might even escalate higher due to the expectations of mobile shopping to hit 90%. This should give you a glimpse of the need of PWA studio as an e-commerce merchant in your E-Store. This is only found in the latest version of Magento.

The most current Magento version is Magento 2.3.0. With this version, you are sure to have new tools that will help merchants and developers to deliver their client’s expectations efficiently and faster. This new version has 3 brandy important tools:

  • Multi-Source inventory
  • PWA Studio
  • Page Builder

Multi-Source Inventory (MSI)

The main functionality of MSI is to help you as the merchant to improve and boost operational efficiency. It makes it easier to manage inventory in various physical locations and sources. With this tool you can:

  • Track inventory
  • Integrate your 3rd party inventory systems
  • Assign merchandise in various source centers like stores and warehouses
  • Streamline operations with multiple rules to do Just-In-Time deliveries

MSI can also be beneficial to you if you have a single source. It is not limited to merchants with multiple inventory sources.

PWA Studio

As previously mentioned, most of the consumers will be using smartphones to do their shopping in 2019. That means you should have Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that will enable you to deliver greater and superior smartphone experience than your competitors. PWA enables you:

  • To increase engagement
  • To have a fast conversion rate
  • To have a better SEO store
  • To make your E-Store perform better
  • To lower the cost of ownership
  • To speed the time of marketing
  • To have quality improvements on a regular basis

Page Builder

This is another essential feature in Magento 2.3.0 version where it pushes away HTML and CSS in creating your page. With this tool you can:

  • Have instant previews
  • Set the content you need regarding videos, images, etc.
  • Create new pages
  • Enrich your products and other categories
  • Launch the content updates and content blocks easily
  • Adjust some content easily to suit your design
  • Schedule your content on when they will go live in future

Additional Features in Magento 2.3.0 version

  • Added shipping support and expansion to cater for global shipment
  • A more flexible storefront API in the form of GraphQL
  • Easier upgrading and other installation processes
  • Better Bulk web APIs to execute fast performance
  • Enhanced security to your store
  • Advanced indexing performance

By adopting this Magento version, you are sure to have one of the best E-Store.

Optimizing your E-Store

This is one of the most important practices that can crash or make your business as a merchant. The essence of Magneto google shopping feed optimization is to make your page the best to any customer or client who visits it. So, what do you optimize?

  • Title of your products – This ensures your client get the product they want easily when they search. The most recommended method is optimizing titles according to their categories. Use catchy titles that incorporate the keywords.
  • Color attribute – Let the colors of your products be what they ought to be. Don’t change their colors.
  • Your site – Your e-store should be mobile friendly for easy mobile shopping and easy to navigate through.
  • Internal search – This is where you optimize your internal site to give results after any search. Incorporate the most common misspellings and provide room for predictive searches.
  • The speed of your page – Make your page load time to be at most 3 seconds.
  • Images and videos – You should optimize your link images and make the pictures look fantastic. Use high-quality photos and videos, use watermarks, and incorporate image variants.
  • Price – Ensure you don’t charge too high for a product that your competitors are charging lower.
  • Keywords – Make use of long-tail keywords to cater for those serious buyers.
  • URLs – Use URLs that are search friendly.


Supplying Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) to Google is very important in making your ad visible to the clients. Google uses the number to pull your product feed from the catalog and make it visible alongside similar products from other resellers.

Have unique descriptions of your products

Although this is part of optimization, you should avoid duplicating by using similar description used by the manufacturer. This may lead to penalization and failure to index your product.

Incorporating customer reviews

This remains an active practice that builds trust, credibility, and confidence to a prospective buyer. Your e-store is likely to rank high in Google.

Incorporate Social Media

It is always great to add social media sharing buttons for sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and even Google+. When your product is shared, your site gains authority and relevance.


The E-Commerce world is becoming very dynamic, and wisdom demands you line up with the current advancement to remain relevant in the market. By having a great Magento product feed and best practices, as shown above, you will create considerable traffic to your E-store.

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