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Best Parental Control Apps For Android And iOS

As well all are aware of this fact that nowadays, youngsters are keeping themselves highly associated with their Smartphone or tablets. This addiction to technological devices is becoming a serious issue these days. Kids are not able to comprehend between right and wrong and they sometimes do the things by getting influenced by it. For this, parents have the primary responsibility to protect their children from this technological influence.

Parental Control Apps For Android And iOS

Parental control software such as family orbit is one of the best sources that allow you to monitor your kid doing. You can trace all the data that your children are watching or running in his device. Here, we are discussing some best parental control applications that work effectively on both Android and iOS devices. Have a look:

1)    Symantec Norton family app

Norton family app is the best choice that allows parents to make settings on their child device. This app doesn’t restrict the number of devices. One can trace SMS contacts and videos on Android. Moreover, location can also be tracked with the help of this app. Norton flexibly works on windows, android, and IOS devices. The best thing about the app is its most of the editions that are available for free.

2)    Qustodia parental control app

Qustodia is an excellent parental control app that offers various stunning benefits for controlling the child activities. Some of the merits of the app are:

One can run all the features and functions from the online web dashboard. Parents can also filter web content and restricts their children from using the internet, applications and social platforms for a longer period.  It has informative activity log and also has robust app blocking.

3)    Famisafe parental control app

Famisafe is one of the new applications in the technological market that got an impressive response from the users. It has incorporated with several amazing features that include its real-time GPS location tracing highlight. Moreover, it enables the parents to have a view on their children device completely. They can watch the browser history and can become cautious if their child is on the wrong path. Applications can also be blocked with help of the app and also one can filter the web content accordingly.

4)    Kaspersky safe kids parental control app

This app does not restrict the usage of the number of devices. Numerous devices can be tracked with the Kaspersky app. Its content filter highlight blocks the sites that are not good for the children and also warns them before they put it into use. It has similar features of all the other apps such as location tracking, blocking of applications and also keeps parents updated regarding their child activities.

5)    OpenDNS family held

To use the OpenDNS application, you don’t have to pay anything. Yes, you can use it for absolutely free.  The app makes a highlight and warns the kids before using a site that contains any sort of sexual content or pornography. This app allows the parents to filter the content and then one can track all the information that passes through their child device. It runs at the router level and also provides ready-made block lists.

6)    Our pact parental control app

Our pact is another excellent choice that can be used by the parents and guardians to continuously keep their eyes on their children doing. Our pact is extremely easy to install and download. It can handle up to 20 devices that can be android or IOS devices. It filters down the content that includes any adult or porn matter. Moreover, it can locate any member of the family with its geofencing highlight.

7)    Eset parental control app

The app is highly economical and has a simple interface. With the help of this app, parents can restrict the time usage of their children activities such as playing games, running applications or browsing on the web. It has a special feature of a content filter according to the age group. Moreover, it keeps the parents updated and provides them with the correct app usage.

Conclusion: so, these were some best parental control applications that parents can use for the purpose of controlling their child device and can have a look at their activities on their Smartphone.

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