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Best Online Tax Software for Business In 2017

Tax software for personal tax preparation applications is nothing new. It has been around for more than 25 years, evolving from desktop software to online solutions. The tax software found rapid growth in subsequent years with the addition of forms, schedule and state support.

However, its rapid growth was its undoing, as it grew increasingly complex and unwieldy. However, with user interface tweaks, it has once again become popular, making its usage easier and taxpayer help systems, most accessible. 

Of the numerous tax software, there are some that have become popular. Let us see the top tax software of 2017:

Online Tax Software

#1 H&R Block Premium 2017

This software offers more personal tax preparation options than its competitors. It also offers in-office services, in-person perp called Best of Both, and DIY software and online services. It is the only one that facilitates itemize deductions for free.

However, it does charge for all major forms and schedules. It provides the facility to e-file via phone, offering free mobile tax prep app. The bottom line is that H&R Block Premium is an excellent tax preparation service with user-friendly help content and a well-designed interface. 

#2 Intuit TurboTax Self Employed 2017

This much-awarded software boasts of a comprehensive help system and best-in-class user interface. Not only does it cover tax topics extensively with its wide variety of help tools, but also offers SmartLook live-video feature. It includes QuickBooks Self-Employed.

However, its high cost is a big deterrent and its help database is not entirely supported by experts. Whatever said and done, this software is the best, as it provides thorough exploration of tax forms and schedules.   

#3 TaxAct Online Premium 2017

Formerly known as Personal TaxEdge, TaxAct broke the price barrier by introducing free online personal tax preparation and e-filing. Little wonder it had been rated the topmost software for doing taxes in 2016.

In addition to its low price, this software offers excellent navigation tools, form and schedule support. It also provides Helpful Life Events feature, Phone and email help and a thorough review process. It supports all major tax scenarios. However, it lacks support for W-2 photo imports and offer very complex explanations on tax. 

#4 Credit Karma Tax 2017

This free software supports major IRS forms and schedules. It provides clean and simple interface and navigation. However, it suffers from a few shortcomings, such as its inability to import data from competitors or provide extensive help. It also doesn’t offer returns for every state.

The thing going for Credit Karma Tax is its completely free, and supports all major IRS forms and schedules for federal and state returns.  

#5 TaxSlayer Premium 2017

This tool for accountants and professional tax preparers, evolved into individual tax preparation software after a massive ad campaign. Although still not the best option in tax software, it remains a good choice for preparing tax on a budget.

Its low cost and support for major IRS forms and schedules makes it a favorite of most. It also offers chat, email and phone help and boasts of a good knowledge base. Its reviews and other attributes have shown marked improvement. What it still lacks is dearth of explanatory information within entry screens.

#6 Jackson Hewitt Online Premium 2017

Known best for its in-person tax preparation, this software offers a sleek and attractive user interface. It has a good coverage of common tax topics and offers help via chat and email. However, what makes it unappealing is its high price and lack of context-sensitive help in many areas. It also has some navigational glitches.

However, it provides an excellent user experience. On the con side, its navigation systems need to be improved.


Some of the best tax software reviews have singled out the abovementioned software for the year 2017. These all are designed to ease the filing of tax returns and save from being IRS taxed.

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