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The Best of Cell Phone Tracker Applications- 2023 Edition

Cell phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. Right so! They are practically the only thing that holds information related to every small or big aspect of your life. From capturing loving moments with our loved ones to managing early morning alarm clocks, official email-ids, and everything else under the sun, one has to be a true monk to live a life without a cell phone. However, we must not forget that after all, they are objects and hence prone to being lost.

Cell Phone Tracker Applications

One can lose the phone due to multiple reasons. You may forget the smartphone at the shopping counter or become a victim of robbery or theft. The reasons for one losing a phone are many and some are unbelievable too. However, with modern technology, it is possible for one to track their phones and below you will find a list of the best cell phone tracker applications – 2023 edition.

Before we get to the exact naming of the application, let’s learn more about how exactly these apps and software work.

An application that helps you track cell phones is basically software that lets you monitor mobile phone locations. These applications can be downloaded on any smart device including phones, tablets, or laptops, and provide real-time phone monitoring. Certain advanced apps are also capable of sending alerts to certain assigned numbers in case there is an emergency situation.

Phone tracker applications have a lot of beneficial features but the most common feature is the ability to monitor and track mobile phones. The advanced versions include other features like monitoring call logs, geo-fencing, social media, tracking, and text message monitoring.

While other advanced features are self-explanatory, there is one we would like to discuss in detail:

Geofence refers to a digital or virtual parameter that is around the area of interest with specific details like longitude and latitude coordinates along with a certain defined radius. In case the mobile phone exits a geofence or a specific boundary, the feature will automatically send an alert to the responsible person. This feature comes in handy when dealing with children or older parents.

With this information in hand, lets now get to the exact details of the best cell phone tracker applications-2023 edition

1- mSpy


If you are a worried parent, mSpy is the application for you. It works for all types of devices including Android, Kindle Fire, and iOS devices. It offers excellent features required for parent control and phone tracking. It boasts some very advanced attributes that you may not find in other applications.

Features to look out for:

  • Parents can monitor the use of social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, and others
  • mSpy provides the option of screen recording
  • Websites, contacts, or other applications can be blocked via remote control, thus providing enhanced safety when the phone is lost
  • Deleted messages can be easily recovered

The application comes with an extra cost due to the highly advanced characteristics offered. For 1 month the cost is around USD 48.99. If you buy a package for 3 months, the cost would be USD 27,99 per month, and for 12 months, the price comes to USD 11.66 per month. Parents can request a demo before making the final purchase.

2- eyeZy


If you are looking for an application that provides the best services in terms of remote cell phone tracking even in stealth mode, eyeZy should be on your list of phone tracking apps to look out for.

eyeZy can easily be named as one of the best feature-heavy applications since its services work for iOS and Android phones alike. The most interesting part is that the phone owner will never be aware that the app is installed on the phone. You might wonder why such an app would be difficult to install and use. eyeZy is just what its name suggests. It can be easily downloaded and used.

Once the application is set in motion, the tracker can easily track or monitor messages, calls, and any other online activity in real-time and remotely. The person tracking the mobile phone will have access to a dashboard that provides all the necessary information.

In addition to these features, it also lets you locate videos, images, texts, and any other data without focusing on where exactly the file is located. The GPS location tracking feature of eyeZy remains unmatched by any other application.

Features to look out for:

  • The application provides one of the excellent GPS tracking services
  • The file finder feature provides instant results
  • Helps you monitor social media without any hassle
  • You can easily unblock websites using eyeZy to protect people from accessing unwanted sites

As mentioned earlier, the application silently works in the background without the phone user knowing of its presence. This is what makes eyeZy one of the most feature-loaded discreet phone tracking applications present in the market.

The services for this application can be availed at USD 9.99 for 12 months. For 3 months, the price is around USD 27.99, and for 1 month, you will have to shell out USD 47.99.

3- uMobix


An application created keeping parents of young children in mind. It is an extremely popular app that tracks and monitors all activities on your child’s smartphone or tablet.

Like the previous applications, it is compatible with all types of operating systems making it a versatile app.

Features to look out for:

  • The app lets you monitor all exchanged messages including the ones that were deleted
  • uMobix has provisions for providing information related to call outgoing and incoming along with duration, timestamps, and other information related to the caller
  • It is capable of logging typed-in passwords and keystrokes

Here you have it. The Best of Cell Phone Tracker Applications- 2023 Edition!


We understand that cell phone tracking can be useful for many circumstances. If you are the parents of a young child or the person responsible for the physical and mental health of someone else, these applications can come in handy. However, there’s a thin line between concern and invading privacy.


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