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Best MKV Players That Are Worth a Shot

Enticing yourself with audio and videos through systems has been a familiar phenomenon ever since modern operating systems came into the picture. Initially, operating systems were designed only to stream audios as media files were very premature. After the advent of Windows 10 and updated systems, media players have ruled the roost and have definitely been upgraded to effective usage.

The multimedia player called the MKV player is a recent addition to the operating system and the file format is already famous for serving the users with audio, video, and subtitles, etc. This file format is the new add-on that has been enabled in recently updated operating systems. Although media players of the OS have already been streaming audios, viewing video files seems to be the new action in the block which people enjoy with the help of MKV players.

MKV players are the only solace for people who enjoy both video and audio, as this improvised file format can serve the best when it comes to any media files including subtitles needed for the streaming action.

Recently there has been an array of MKV players which has been popular in terms of quality and user-friendliness in maximum proportions.

The below list of players is also less defective and bereft of issues or complaints to a larger extent. Any kind of MKV file can be played in these players without any glitches.

VLC media player:

One of the famous media players whose name has been quite popular amongst the masses. People have been using this media player for a very long time as it has been too simple and user-friendly. It also serves contemporary times by incorporating every media file type including MKV. The control system of the player is top-notch and is quite easily navigable and operable by the users. The interface is the simplest in terms of usage and effectiveness and has been quite famous amongst the masses. Although it has sustained fame for a long time now, it is still popular in these millennial times to be used prominently even now.

VLC media player

KM Player:

Being the most feasible of all media players, this incorporates all types of media files including MKV, FLV, AVS, WMV, etc., and is also touted as the most user-friendly among the lot. Users can modify its functionalities and customize them in accordance with their requirements easily. It is not a very large file format which makes it easier to be stored and executed. This is the best media file for the current times and looks like it will last a long time as well.

KM Player

FreeSmith Video Player:

People would be a little reluctant to go for options that will suck your pockets empty. If anybody is looking to scrimp money for spending on media players, then the better choice for them would be to go for FreeSmith Video player. Although it comes with no price, it is quite contained and useful by incorporating all types like DivX, WMV, MPEG, AVI, etc. Some random linked URL videos can be played and streamed with the help of this player. Easily accessible with good proximity is none other than this media player which is available invariably in the Windows 10 Operating systems.

FreeSmith Video Player


The conventional media players come with regular functionalities enticing people to the maximum. However, this player is quite extraordinary with rich features that facilitate people better than any other player. One thing that stands out for this player is it accommodates almost all types of media files without any ado. MKV is the easiest of formats it can easily play and is quite convenient for users with a wide variety of customization options to benefit them. It also offers to its credit options like add-ons where users can add extra functionalities to their accord or whims easily.



This player is quite traditional in its outlook but incorporates all types of media formats at ease. The interface is simpler and efficient even for children to try their hand at. Although it looks like a simpler choice with regards to others in the rise, this player supersedes others with its pace of execution and clarity. An obvious option for people who are looking for a not-so-complex media player which can be best in its features and quality is none other than SMPlayer.


DivX Player:

One of the most upgraded media players is the DivX player. It is compatible with every operating system including Windows, MAC or Android, etc. It also has a rich outlook and is designed with a great interface with all modern features being incorporated. This player is also capable of playing 4k videos and modern audio files without any hiccups.

DivX Player

Media Player Classic:

This is one of the prominent and elegant media players of all time. This is quite equipped to play any kind of media file without any glitches. The newer file formats which have emerged recently can also be played in this player at ease. One of the classical media players that is specifically designed to fit the Windows 10 users promptly.

Media Player Classic


This media player employs and leverages required codecs without any delays. As soon as the media file format is opened, it immediately figures out the right codec snippets, installs it automatically, and plays it without any hiccups. It also supports all kinds of media files even the ones that are spoiled or partly damaged. It removes all the deranged snippets out of the coverage and goes for the parts which are good.


ACG Player:

One of the media players which is fraught with rich features and extraordinary accessories to benefit the current users to its best is none other than the ACG player. It is not only famous for accommodating all types of media files but also for its flexibility to allow multiple user-friendly functionalities to their benefit. It has to its credit, the capacity to support all kinds of background music, subtitles, and any complex gestures and video streaming to fit the millennial’s choice. Users can alter its functionalities with ample shortcut key options and any kind of customizations to make It more easily navigable. The best media player to fit the needs of contemporary times and is quite promising for its durability is none other than the ACG player.

ACG Player


The media player is a piece of inevitable equipment needed for the current generation to fit their visual and audio needs in abundance. Nowadays, everything has turned out to be digital, and the need to leverage the best digital media experience comes as a necessity rather than a luxury. The above media players are the best in terms of execution and quality-streaming with their popularity booming across the world in heavy proportions. Using the ones that befit your choice and compatibility will be a great way to enjoy streaming media actions without any glitches.

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