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Alternatives of Youtube Application

It is very difficult to even imagine the notorious absence of YouTube as it has become the epitome of video sharing/viewing websites. Most of them depend on this platform on a daily basis to accomplish something work-related or personal. A video-sharing website was a dream beyond bounds a few years back and YouTube proved as an angel to emerge successful in aiding people with substantial entertainment to entice the masses. To think of YouTube as replaceable is something out of convention and could be a difficult choice given its importance in everybody’s life, yet it is possible!

YouTube has also proved to be a forum where people not only viewed content but shared their content instantly. It has opened up a whole lot of opportunities for people who have the zest to create videos and publish them for open viewership. However, depending only on YouTube, in a long term could be a cumbersome choice given the traffic it already serves. Some people may even come to dislike it in the due course for the coverage it has and the difficulty in actually garnering attention.

A different video-sharing website could be an easy resolve for people looking for a more non-commercial platform to sell their content. The possibility of something like this is already in abundance with the rise of so many alternative video-sharing websites in the offering. Some websites even have the capacity to be compared with YouTube and still be the best in terms of quality and standards. The list could be a little longer as there are multiple diverse options that benefit several users in different ways to serve them with an exquisite choice of videos. Let us scrutinize each one of them and finally filter the one that matches your need promptly.

As watching videos has become a routine in everyone’s life, we may need to actually prod over each website which gives the best quality to serve our daily needs.


Vimeo is a venture fashioned by a group of filmmakers who wanted to broadcast their work through videos. Some personal snippets of their life were even displayed on the platform. Slowly this platform gained some recognition as people consumed it and they formed a league of their own cause for supporting and endorsing it. Now Vimeo is one of the popular video broadcasting applications where millions of people get to enjoy their share of viewing and sharing. It has also progressed as one of the high-ranking video websites as its popularity is spiking high on a daily basis. It has to its credits some contents like famous movies and series that are liked by the masses in common.



This is one of the simplest interfaced video websites that have all short-format content that is popular. A bunch of famous movies to fragments of sports and games is its contents that enjoys a good viewership. The browsing and searching content in this website seem to be an easier choice as the design and navigation look simpler compared to other complicated high-profile websites.

The Internet-Archive:

The Internet-Archive

As the name itself implies its property, this is a culmination of a web library of movies, software, books, and videos. The archive users load the regular content into this channeled website for storage aspect and it broadcasts those contents to the viewers. News and films are major contents of this website which is also touted as the best alternative for YouTube in all proportions.



Another YouTube alternative that gives a tough competition to the original is none other than Dailymotion. This already enjoys a huge viewership very close to YouTube with almost 300 million subscribers to its credit. It is popular across the world and enjoys global fame which is soon to become an official video-sharing website prospectively. The content also is universal with people across the world enjoying videos of their liking. The most trending and raging videos happen to inhabit this space invariably which are readily available on the homepage of the website as clickbait.



If one wants to get a fulsome musical experience with video representation, this is the best platform to opt for. A US-based website that enjoys a local audience viewership with content like movies and series to grab the attention of the masses across the continent. Musical videos invariably get huge TRPs as the website serves exclusive music videos that people cherish.



Another website for music lovers who get to watch their favorite videos instantly without any ado is Vevo. It is a high-profile website that streams quality videos of HD resolution. It is a user-friendly website that has a simple design to aid people to watch videos of their accord and liking.



Gamers should be familiar with this website which is exclusively designed for gaming content. Gamers across the world get together to view content broadcasted in this channel to spruce up their game skills and discuss their scores intermittently. It is also possible to view live videos on this website which streams the moves of gamers as a part of multiplayer games in action.


This is an account-based website that was initially used for displaying images. Slowly it also began to display video content for the benefit of video-buffs who also share videos to their merry. Anyone can upload videos to the website and also share them at their will without any hiccups.



This website is quite similar to YouTube when it comes to popularity. One of the high-esteemed video streaming websites which have to its merit a good number of audiences viewing their favorite contents endlessly. This is also touted as a user-friendly website with enticing content like movies, drama, comedy, music, and more so.


Instagram is a popular name for all social media buffs across the world. It is also one effective alternative for YouTube which is mostly watched on smartphones where the app is installed. Instagram account is a must-have to view content here and watching videos of your Insta friends becomes a favorite option.



The similarity in the name itself hints at an effective replacement on cards for YouTube. It is more of a sharing website than viewing as Peer-to-peer content viewing is prominent here. Any content can be shared by anyone and viewed by all the peers who enjoy the shared stream content. An ad-less website channel that has a simple and effective user interface to induce an easy watching experience to all the users. It is a recently trending website that enjoys a decent viewership with extra content to capture the attention of the millennials.


The above is the list of video websites that share similar popularity to that of YouTube in case of a prominent absence or dislike of the latter. These websites have gone through the grind of heavy reviews and feedbacks finally being accepted by the masses across the world. You can have a thorough prodding of each aforementioned website before zeroing in on the perfect choice that you deem fit.

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