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Best Home Theater Tower Speakers Online In India

If you are looking for a bigger speaker to fulfill your needs, then you need to look at the home theater tower speaker. There is a different type of speaker for every need and budget. Whether you are an audiophile, gaming enthusiast, or just want to listen to your favorite music at home, there is a perfect speaker that will meet all your needs. These best tower speakers in India are specifically designed for a room with a large span of space.

Best Home Theater Tower Speakers

Tower speakers India delivers higher quality audio output compared to other speaker types in the market. They can cover the entire space with high-fidelity sound. If you want to set up your own home theater system, there is no better way than choosing the best home theater tower speakers online in India from so that you can make an informed decision and buy the best product.

Top 5 Home Theater Tower Speaker

1. Focal Aria 926 – Floor Standing Speaker

Focal Aria 926 Floor Standing Speaker is a brilliant speaker that can be bought online with ease in India. Think of it as a magnifying glass to your music, and let its amazing sound fill your living space. This best tower speaker has been praised by the experts for its power and clarity. The dimensions of this unique product are 750 x 560 x 660 mm, so an average-sized room will be perfect for it! And did we mention that this speaker is, of course, affordable? You’re not going to need to break the bank when you buy one of these.

Focal Aria 926 Floor Standing Speaker is an exciting product that has been designed to bring out the best in any audio system. The tower speakers in India will deliver an open and natural sound. It gives clear vocals and crisp highs. Buy Focal Aria 926 Floor Standing Speaker India for your living room or media room and fill your life with music.

2. Focal Chora 816 – Floor Standing Speaker

If you need a speaker for your TV, PC, or laptop then, one of the best options is to buy a Focal Chora 816 floor-standing speaker online in India. It is one of the most highly-rated speakers in terms of its performance and helps you get whatever sound you need from it. If you are frustrated with your current audio setup, then this might be a solution for you.

This floor speaker is designed for those who have a passion for music and enjoy listening to it and even taking the time to play some music. The sound that comes out of this speaker will be so crisp, clear, and absolutely amazing. Watching movies using this speaker is an experience that you will want to share with others. In addition, you can use it as part of your home theatre setup as well.

Highlights of Focal Chora 816 Floor Standing Speaker:

  • High-quality audio with little to no latency.
  • Great sound output with high fidelity.
  • Provides wide stereo sound without any distortion.
  • Dual satellite speakers in each bass-reflex pattern for deep bass output.
  • 75 mm dual-cone midrange driver for clear midrange and accurate sound reproduction.

3. Dali Oberon 7 – Floor Standing Speaker

Dali Oberon 7 floor standing digital audio tower speakers are the best choice for those looking for a higher-quality speaker. Basically, it is a two-way speaker with three drivers featuring a bass-reflex design. With this speaker, all the parts are new, high-quality components that do not compromise on the design quality, so the consumer incurs fewer expenses.

In addition to being larger and slightly heavier than most other dome tweeters, this new tweeter was specifically designed for Oberon speakers because it is intended to reduce high-frequency noise. A tweeter’s larger membrane limits the movement of its voice coil to a minimum in order to create maximum sound pressure.

Also, there are other floor-standing speakers in this price range with similar features. Overall, the Dali Oberon 7 is undoubtedly a unique design, and if you are looking for good tower speakers in this price range, the Dali Oberon 7 is your best choice.

4. Q Acoustics Floorstanding Speakers – Q Active 400

Transform your listening experience to an ultimate level with these gorgeous acoustic speakers from Q Acoustics. Available in black and a stylish white, these floorstanding loudspeakers are built for the serious audiophile who’s looking for top-notch sound quality without compromising aesthetics. A product of award-winning design from Joint Venture Design Company, these home audio tower speakers are both stylish and powerful with an excellent bass response for low frequencies (30Hz).

The 400-watt amplifier produces high-efficiency sound at 8 ohms and has bi-wired speaker terminals which allow speakers to be connected conventionally or bi-wired via one pair of terminals. The speakers have a frequency response between 55-20,000Hz and have passive bass radiators which enhance the mid-range by 15% lower bass. The innovative design ensures these floor speakers fit perfectly in any surroundings and the hardwood cabinet offers premium protection while ensuring the speakers remain stable.

Turn your speakers on and enjoy your entertainment! Use the free jack cable provided with every speaker to connect to your TV or computer. No matter if you plan on hosting a party or relaxing alone after a long day, turn them on now!

5. Dali Spektor 6 – Floor Standing Speaker

Dali Spektor 6 – Floor Standing Speaker is the latest release by Dali. Its objective is to prove and improve the quality of the dynamic range of its products. It is a wireless speaker that comes with six drivers, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, NFC connectivity, and smart assistant support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, making it a really useful product that works well both in your home as well as outdoors.

As far as its design goes, Dali Spektor 6 is the best affordable floor standing speaker and features four bass ports on each side along with two mid-range ports which are designed to provide true separation between bass and midrange frequencies when listening to music or movies, especially at high volume levels. It features a solid wood casing that produces deep resonating bass making it great for use in home theaters as well as in open spaces.

Wrapping Things Up!

Home audio tower speakers are the most important accessory that you need for a quality sound experience. A decent set of speakers will make watching movies or playing games more realistic and enjoyable. Add-on speakers are also a good addition to any home theater setup and help enhance the sound quality. We have compiled a list of the best tower speakers for your home theater needs in India. Let us know which tower speaker you would like to buy using our comments section, and we all home living help you find one of these models that suits your needs!

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