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Best Facial Therapy For Acne – At Home

It is a skin condition that causes the appearance of skin lesions due to folliculitis, that is, inflammation and subsequent infection of the follicular pore. The sebaceous glands are connected to the skin’s pores and are responsible for producing sebum and, through the follicles, transport dead skin cells to the skin’s surface. When the pores become clogged, acne is created. It can appear in pimples, blackheads, blackheads, closed comedones, or even cysts. You can get best acne treatment in Dubai in affordable range.

best acne treatment in Dubai at Mirrors Beauty Lounge

This condition is not due to an exact cause, but it is influenced by the hormonal increase caused in adolescence and the hormonal changes that occur in pregnancy. It also affects the use of contraceptives, certain medications that contain steroids, estrogens, testosterone, and the use of creams and makeup that are high in fat. As well as excessive humidity and a high degree of sweat.

Aesthetic Treatments to Fight Acne

Oxygenation, Mask, and Peeling

The purpose of this method is to oxygenate the skin to decapsulate the points with infection, then through the mask to nourish, calm and hydrate the skin; and finally, with the peeling, perform a deep exfoliation.

The best facial treatment in Dubai begins with oxygenation, which consists of performing a steam bath on the face to open the pores; if necessary, extraction should be performed if there is active acne.

Then, a mask is applied that must be according to the type of skin. The mask will provide nutrients and deep hydration ad deep cleansing facial in Dubai and help soothe the skin after extraction.

Finally, peeling helps control the sebaceous production of the skin while improving its texture and luminosity; it also helps reduce sunspots.

Pulsed Light Therapy

Pulsed light therapies help reduce the infection caused by acne bacteria. The energy emitted by the light destroys the bacteria, managing to reduce the inflammation produced by the infection itself.

It also works on the sebaceous glands. The effect of pulsed light can destroy them or reduce their production, improving acne for longer.

Photobiological Therapy

It is another aesthetic treatment option to combat acne. It can be complemented with oxygen therapy. Photobiological Best Facial Therapy consists of the application of blue light and red light on the skin.


The red light penetrates the layers of the skin until it reaches the sebaceous glands where the bacteria that cause inflammation in the skin are located.

For its part, blue light is absorbed by the synthesized protoporphyrin. The treatment must use both types of light.

The laser application also helps stimulate collagen production while reducing gland oil and pore size.


This treatment helps to renew skin cells naturally, and without attacking it, microdermabrasion facial in Dubai removes dead cells, renews the epidermis, and stimulates the dermis, thanks to small crystals.

Microdermabrasion can be mixed with oxygen therapy to prevent acne, improve the skin’s appearance, leave it smoother and brighter, and achieve rejuvenation.

Microdermabrasion, in addition to increasing blood flow in the treated area, which makes the skin more oxygenated, also helps in the lymphatic drainage of dead cells. That is, the skin will have less waste that accumulates in the pores and clog them.

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