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Best Encrypted Messenger! What Is Better In 2019?

Today, when Internet users are constantly under surveillance, messengers with a high degree of privacy and security have become more relevant than ever.

Best Encrypted Messenger! What Is Better In 2019

As a rule, they offer a wide range of functionality from simple text messages to encrypted video calls. In addition, users can perform all these actions completely safely and without fear that their personal data will fall to third parties.

However, what messengers can provide such functionality without harming security? Today, consider the top five of the most secure applications for communication on the Internet.


Best Encrypted Messenger! What Is Better In 2019

Telegram has millions of active users, and its creators call messenger the fastest messaging app.

The history of correspondence can be stored in the cloud, and you can share files here without size restrictions. All correspondence is protected by 256-bit symmetric block encryption algorithm AES, and cryptographic encryption algorithm RSA-2048, which serve for secure key exchange.

In Telegram there is support for a variety of stickers, and GIF-files, the ability to edit photos and videos, and in group chats you can invite up to 100 thousand people. Moreover, there is no advertising in the messenger.


Best Encrypted Messenger! What Is Better In 2019

The main advantages of this messenger – it is stable and clear without failures in real time: you see when messages are delivered, read and when the recipient responds to you. To be online, you do not need to go to the application – it works in the background.

BBM offers free voice and video calls, lots of stickers and emoticons, support for games, sending photos and the ability to share your location. Messages are encrypted, so you can not worry about privacy, but, unfortunately, in BBM there is advertising, from which you can refuse only for a fee.


Best Encrypted Messenger! What Is Better In 2019

It allows users to correspond and send each other their location data, photos, videos, other files, and their contacts. Also in WhatsUp, there is a video call and the ability to make voice calls, you can still use stickers from the store.

To configure the application, the user is required to allow accessing his contact list in the phone book, so that the messenger can automatically create a list of contacts from those who use WhatsApp. One of the advantages of this service, in addition to the fact that it is used by the majority, is the recently appeared method of end-to-end encryption, ensuring the confidentiality of correspondence. Also, the program “eats” a little traffic.


Best Encrypted Messenger! What Is Better In 2019

Line allows you to send text, audio, and video messages, as well as free voice and video calls. The app displays network statuses, sends GIF animations, and large stickers store. Group chat can have up to 200 participants and there is support for encrypted correspondence.

Besides, Line resembles a social network and supports the ability to leave comments on notes, however, the subscription is available only on commercial pages. You can even create photo albums and share them with your friends.


Best Encrypted Messenger! What Is Better In 2019

Messenger Signal from Open Whisper System is most recommended when encryption and security of correspondence are important because it was created for this purpose. The application supports the military standard of end-to-end encryption for all messages and voice calls. Messenger does not require binding to the list of contacts in the smartphone, hides the phone numbers to which calls are made and can be used as an SMS application.

In Signal, you can send text and multimedia attachments, make voice calls, there are group chats, where the name of the group is encrypted, among other things. Also, the developers themselves cannot decipher the correspondence that you conduct in Signal.

Best Encrypted Messenger: Final Word

These are the best messengers for today, which offer approximately the same set of features, but some services have unique features. You can choose one or more apps depending on what you need from the best encrypted messenger and which interface you prefer.

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