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Best Data Recovery Tool Available- EaseUS Data Recovery

Do not feel hopeless in case you loose out some important data from USB or any other device. We have got the best software for you with the largest recovering capacity with a variety of features. One can recover all the data lost due to deletion of items, formatting, partition loss, or any improper operation. Be it pictures, audios, emails, documents or videos, you can recover each one of them. It is quite easy to use and you can go ahead with the recovered data in a few simple clicks.

It has been termed as one of the best file recovery software known to retrieve the deleted, formatted or lost stuff.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

All About EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

It is one of the best data recovery software free of cost which works towards solving all issues related to loss of data. It has the ability to recover all kind of lost files from hard drive, external hard drive, memory card, your digital camera, phones, music layer, Pen Drive, or any other media source. There may be many unknown reasons like hard drive damage, crashing of software, formatting, partition loss or attack by some virus. All you need is to follow three simple steps and you will retrieve whatever was being lost. So, recover deleted files windows 8 with the help of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Features of Powerful Data Recovery

The software basically offers one with two progressive modes of scanning: One of them is the quick scan which helps in finding the deleted files. The other is Deep Scan which helps in finding the formatted, lost and inaccessible files.

Afterwards, you can recover whatever stuff you have lost including pictures, videos, audio, email and documents. You can recover it from PC, Laptop, digital device, server or any media storage for reasons like system error, virus attacking etc

You can pause it anytime and then continue back anytime. The scanning results can be saved and you can import them without actually performing the scanning process again. It has three modes for recovery of the lost data.

Preview Before you Recover

Before actually scanning, make sure to specify the type of recovery file for better results. You can filter the search results by the name of file data, type and perform the scanning quickly and save time. Also get to know about how you can recover your deleted files from your PC

Lastly, make sure to preview the files in order to go through the details and quality before you actually decide about the recovering thing.

It is quite easy to use and is safe to recover from multiple places as well. The recovery process is quite user friendly and interactive. You just need to be a little attentive to avoid any damage or overwriting of the data. There is no need of any prior recovery experience.

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