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Best Collaboration Tools to Stay on Top of Your Group Activities

Working as a team is the only way to tackle big projects, but it’s not just about having an advantage of numbers. In fact, taking in more people but not giving them the right tools to work together might even cause errors, misunderstandings, and delays that could keep the team from finishing a group activity on time.

Collaboration Tools to Stay on Top of Your Group ActivitiesBest Collaboration Tools for Group Activities

Indeed, you need the right set of tools to make sure your team coordinates properly. This is why you’d want to work on projects with some of the best collaboration tools available.

1. BAND Group Communication App

Communication is key to proper team coordination, and a group communication app like BAND is the perfect toolto make sure group members are always connected. Thanks to its features such as customizable chat rooms, calendar, polls, group calls, message boards, and even meeting scheduler, team members can get real-time updates about the status of the project. They can be informed about what’s currently needed, and they can be kept postedin case there are any changes that have to be done ASAP.

BAND communication app is available on Windows, iOS, and Android, which means pretty much anyone with a computer or smartphone (i.e. everyone in your team) can use the app whether they are at work, at home, or even somewhere having a vacation. This makes it perfect for relaying emergency updates or for requesting a status update on the progress of activities or deliverables.

2. Google Docs

Easily one of the most popular online collaboration tools, Google Docs allows you to create text files, presentations, forms and spreadsheets with ease. File access can also be customized so you can make sure that only certain group members are allowed to view or make changes to the files. The best thing about this collaboration tool is that you only need to have a Google account to get access to it.

A great way to maximize use of Google Docs is by using it to create trackers – spreadsheets that can easily be accessed and used as a quick reference for what tasks have already been finished and what needs to be prioritized.

3. TeamViewer

Sometimes, there are situations when you need to retrieve or make changes to a file stored on your computer – even when you’re away from it. Getting remote access is usually a technical chore, which could leave some members of your team stumped. This is where TeamViewer comes in handy.

TeamViewer allows users to easily connect to a PC or server anywhere in the world. Once set up, regular remote access to your computers only takes a few seconds. The best part is that it works on multiple platforms, so it’s possible to control your PC or retrieve files from your server using a smartphone.

4. Priority Matrix

One of the biggest challenges of working on larger projects as a team is prioritizing multiple tasks. Assigning the right people to high-priority tasks not only ensures the best results but also helps in meeting deadlines. Priority Matrix allows you to identify separate tasks, sort them according to priority, and even track each task’s progress for everyone to see, keeping group activities transparent for everyone.

Aside from its user-friendly interface, Priority Matrix also has cross-platform support for better accessibility. Any team leader that wants to be efficient at delegating work and monitoring how the project is going would want to take advantage of this collaboration tool.

Collaboration tools are specially designed to help maximize each team member’s abilities to get the job done. The next time you’re assigned a big project and you need to work with other people, consider these amazing collaboration tools and you can expect overall better results.

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