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Be Productive in Handling Your Electronic Files with GogoPDF Web-Based File Tools

File management and organization have become straightforward and effortless with the help of technological advancement. Many decades before, you would have to go through the painless process of using the most updated computer software or asking assistance from a computer professional that sometimes will cost you more money.

Electronic Files with GogoPDF Web-Based File Tools

However, as years went by, everything that deals with your electronic files has become instantaneous and simple. Today, the internet has a wide range of websites that come with complimentary services and a set of file tools.

One of these in-demand websites that has been on the platform for many years is GogoPDF. Therefore, check some of the helpful web-based file tools of GogoPDF below and discover each tool’s amazing features that will indeed help you become more productive in handling all of your electronic files.

PDF Unlock Tool

The first web-based file tool on the list is the unlock PDF tool of GogoPDF. If you have passworded PDF files, it’ll significantly help protect the information your files contain from any possible unwanted access. However, if your PDFs only contain general knowledge and information, keeping them password-free seems to be the best thing to do.

Hence, if you have these PDFs on your smartphone or computer, you can go ahead and use the unlock PDF tool of GogoPDF to initiate the decryption process. It won’t take much of your time because you only have to spend a couple of minutes to get it done.

By doing so, you’ll truly enjoy the benefit of accessing and opening your PDF files moving forward without giving it extra time keying in the password or being worried about providing the wrong one. Surely, that will help you maximize your time and effort.

PDF Password-Protect Kit

As mentioned above, having a password will give your PDF files protection from any possible form of unwanted file access. In line with this, the GogoPDF platform will be of so much help in achieving your goal because it offers you free access to its PDF password-protect tool you can use for absolutely free.

This particular file tool of GogoPDF will process encrypting your PDF files within minutes. Yes, that’s correct! That’s how fast it is to complete any PDF file encryption using this online platform. It only requires you to create a unique password.

You can make it secure and strong by integrating different characters like small and capital letters, numerals and even adding some symbols of your choosing. After that, you can get your newly encrypted PDF files downloaded straight to your device. That’s how quick and straightforward the entire encryption process is using the GogoPDF password-protect tool online.

PDF Merge Online Tool

This next file tool of GogoPDF is best used for an effective PDF file organization. You may have heard from other PDF users worldwide that some struggle to organize PDF files in their device’s file drive. With this, GogoPDF has successfully developed another online tool to resolve this concern, and that’s the PDF merge tool.

This web-based file tool of GogoPDF will transform your computer file folders to be more well-organized by merging multiple PDF documents and making them a single PDF file. Hence, you can process combining those PDFs you usually use in the same project or task. You can also unify those that you got from the same source.

You can classify your PDF files accordingly and put them in the same category. By doing this, the next time you’ll be looking for a particular PDF file, you’ll know what computer folder to search for it and which merged PDFs to open. As a result, your PDF file search will consequently become quick and time-saving.

Electronic File Converter

Another sought-after file tool of GogoPDF is the electronic file converter. It allows you to create another file format from the existing files you have on your smartphone or computer. Hence, for PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, you can always convert them to a PDF format so that you’ll have more reliable and fixed copies of these files.

Moreover, if you have some important PDFs that you plan to keep on your device for many years, you have to convert them to PDF/A format. This way, the overall quality of your PDF files will remain the same even after storing them in your file drive for so long. For more available file formats for free conversion, you can always check the GogoPDF website for further details.


Managing tons of electronic files can be a lot of work to do. However, using the right tools that GogoPDF offers for free, everything will indeed become quick and convenient. Besides the four online tools above, you can find more web-based file tools on the GogoPDF website. Therefore, visit the site now to discover more tools that you’ll surely need to be more productive in handling all of your electronic files.

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