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Basics Of Essay Writing – Thesis

Do you need to write the essay, but you don’t know what to start with?

Here is smart guide on the basics of thesis essay writing.

Basics Of Essay Writing – Thesis

Thus, the principal points of this type of writing are:

– distillate your ideas in a couple of sentences

– guide your future work structuring

– aid your readers to grab your main ideas

A dream statement must accomplish all these goals.

A profound thesis is a declaration of you taking a stand.

Don’t forget that the thesis must reveal your conclusions about the subject. For instance, composing a paper for a fitness class, you might be expected to reckon on some popular weight-loss program or product. Let’s analyze two variants of a thesis statements:

  • “Jillian Michael’s fitness program “30-day shred” has some pluses and minuses.”

This is not a profound thesis. There is no determination, no conclusion, no clarity – nothing to understand your position on this point.

  • “Jillian Michael’s fitness program “30-day shred” gives good results, but is suitable only for those, whose fitness level is already high.”

This thesis is profound, stating your position and taking a stand.

A profound thesis is an invitation to dispute or a dialogue.

Try to provide your reader with a starting point to discuss, stating your position about the question raised and giving the alternative view. If you are to write about kinship systems, illustrating the paper by a story of your own family, there are at least two options:

  • “I am a member of an extended family.”

This statement is just an observation, not telling the reader about your point of view and not making your piece interesting – all of it means this thesis is weak.

  • “Most Americans would consider a kinship group or a consanguine marriage inappropriate and a threat to the conventional family structure, while many eastern families, like mine, reckon this type of marriage beneficial in modern society.”

This thesis is profound, declaring a controversial point of view and opposing it to the widely spread notion. Showing that the topic is disputable is a very good way to make your thesis profound. It will be interesting to your reader to contemplate on the suggested question and form their own position.

A profound thesis is an annunciation of the main idea.

Give your readers a chance to grab the main point of your work from the beginning. Don’t overload it with more than one idea. It may confuse people about the subject. For example:

“To create an effective brand, a company has to monitor the new trends of the Internet market, and the websites can be both a tool of analysis and a subject of it.”

This thesis is weak because it is not clear about the main point: whether it is branding or Internet market, or websites. You need to state the connection between two ideas in a more accurate way. You can revise this thesis as in example below:

“The internet trends have a tremendous marketing potential, that is why a company creating a new brand has to exploit it, using websites both as a tool and as a subject of exploration.”

Showing the way these two ideas are connected making this statement strong. Hint: there are some words and phrases that will help you to create an engaging and accurate thesis. For example: “because”, that is why”, “since”, “so”, “unless”, “however”, “although”.

A profound thesis is a precise statement.

Basics Of Essay Writing – Thesis

A thesis statement must tell your readers what are you going to discuss in this piece. Also, it is to be a guideline for organizing your paper. Writing a topic on the Second World War, you might say:

  • “There are many causes and effects of the World War II.”

And this will be a weak thesis because it is immense and vaguely stated. You can go on about this topic forever and not reveal it completely. That is why you should be more specific and identify the causes and effect you plan to speak about. You may revise it like this:

  • “The role of technology in the World War II: the fundamental influence of it on the outcome and the boost of USA technology as a result of the war.”

Narrowing the subject, being more specific, showing your attitude – all is needed to make your thesis stronger.

Thus, following the previous steps your thesis writing will be surely analytic, well-structured and get only the best grades.

About the Author: Carol James is an EssayLab psychology department writer and senior editor. She has MA degree in social sciences and is an excellent specialist in this field. Carol works with numerous materials on the subject and is eager to share her knowledge with our readers.

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