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Avoid Expensive Transmission Fixes with our Expert tips for Keeping your Vehicle’s Automatic Transmission in Perfect Condition


Transmission repairs can be costlier than replacing a car engine, and if you have an older car, you could spend much more on fixing your transmission system. There are times when a transmission service is inevitable, especially if your car suffers a total breakdown.

In other cases, however, these repairs are completely avoidable. There are certain things you can do to prolong your automatic transmission’s life and have it serve you for much longer. In this article, we tell you how to avoid costly repairs by sticking to these Mercedes automatikgetriebe transmission tips.

1. Make it a Habit to Periodically Check Your Transmission Fluid

Habit to Periodically Check Your Transmission Fluid

It’s easy to check the transmission fluid on many cars, SUVs, and light trucks. It’s the same way you check your engine oil. Make sure the engine is idling and get out the dipstick, clean it off, have it inserted again, and then take it out to obtain an accurate reading.

A low transmission fluid level could point to a possible leak. Also, pay attention to the color of the fluid. It should be clear and of bright red color, with a sweet smell. In case you notice that it’s dark-colored, murky, or has the smell of a rotting fish, it has a problem. You need to take it to an automatic transmission repair professional for checking.

2. Make Sure the Transmission Fluid You Use is of the Right Type

Before you buy transmission fluid, it’s important to check the owner’s manual of your vehicle to be sure of the kind of fluid that is needed. Alternatively, you can pop up your question in a mechanic forum or directly to us.

3. Have a Professional to Service the Cooling System of Your Engine

The primary role of the car’s transmission system is ensuring that the engine doesn’t overheat. However, did you know that the cooling system of a car also plays a role in ensuring that cooling of the fluid pumped through the gearbox? It’s, therefore, important that your vehicle’s cooling system is in perfect working condition. Otherwise, you may need to repair your Mercedes automatikgetriebe transmission system before the engine overheats.

4. Regularly Take Your Car to a Mechanic for Transmission Flushing

When it comes to changing your car’s transmission fluid, you would better leave it to a professional. As to the regularity of flushing, check the owner’s manual of your car. Otherwise, it is recommended to have it flushed at least once a year. As for the time, the transmission fluid in your car should last, this depends on the operating temperature of your vehicle as well as the amount of driving that you are doing.

5. Avoid Changing Gears as the Vehicle Moves

Before you change your gears from the condition of the drive to reverse, it is important to ensure that you have brought the car to a complete halt. If you don’t do this, it will strain your transmission system. This might lead to a bigger problem in a short while.

6. Allow the Car to Warm Up Before You Hit the Road

It’s normal for people to hop into the car, start the engine, have the car in the drive mode, and drive away. I’m just as guilty as you when it comes to committing this offense.

Before starting to drive, make sure the engine is allowed a few minutes to warm up. It is even more important during the cold winter months.

7. Avoid Driving for Extended Time on a Spare Tire

The worst possible mistake you can make is to have mismatched sizes of tires on your car. Worse still, driving for a long distance with a smaller spare is not advisable. Apart from the damage, it will visit other vehicle parts, for instance, ruining the wheel alignment, it will also put unneeded pressure on the transmission after a short time.

8. Change Your Transmission Filter Regularly

Your vehicle’s automatic transmission system probably has a filter, and you need to change it once in a while. Whether your car has a transmission filter depends wholly on the model and make of the vehicle. The vast majority of newer vehicles do not have a transmission filter. However, those that have need changing each time you take your vehicle to flush out the transmission fluid.

9. Don’t Use Your Car for Towing

When you use your vehicle for towing heavy loads, especially in hot temperatures, it can cause the oxidizing or burning of fluid. In turn, this can cause tremendous damage to your vehicle’s transmission. The simple advice is to not use your vehicle to tow heavy loads.

10. Take Your Vehicle Every Year for Transmission Inspection

Every year, it is recommended to take your vehicle to a certified specialist that does transmission repairs to perform a diagnostic check on the transmission of your vehicle. This will reveal possible leaks or other abnormalities that might be on your transmission. Also, it checks the level of the transmission fluid, its color, and smell.  This super-preventive maintenance can help discover problems early and prevent you from undertaking expensive repairs in the future.


While certain things like a total breakdown can necessitate a transmission overhaul, there are some things you can do to keep your car’s transmission working for longer. Things like having your transmission inspected by a professional at least once a year will help you detect problems early and avoid costly repairs. Other things include periodically checking your transmission fluid, using the right transmission fluid, not using your car to tow, taking your car for transmission flushing, and servicing your cooling system regularly.

However, if all this fails and you need to repair your transmission system or have it replaced altogether, we are always ready to assist you. We will offer you free towing services and even give you a rental car for free for the period that we are fixing your transmission. With qualified and dedicated Mercedes automatikgetriebe reparatur professionals, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services. Call us today to book a service.

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