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Average Rates On Writing An Essay In 2018-2019 Studying Year

Do you have an essay assignment but can’t find time to work on it? Well, for many students, writing assignments can prove a challenge. However, the rise of a gig economy and how people are embracing it gives room for getting different tasks done by contract.

Average Rates On Writing An Essay In 2018-2019 Studying Year

For students, this covers your need for professional paper writers. If you search online for professional essay writers, you will get a significant number of results that could meet your needs. However, it may prove challenging to select a service that suitable for you.

Sometimes the review for a particular service may be great, but once you give them your task, the final document you receive may be substandard. If the deadline for submission of the essay is almost due, this could be frustrating.

Though, you can try out the acclaimed freelancing sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and more, for your essay writing needs. Whatever the case you will act as the client of the freelancer. If you have an idea of what the freelance world is about, then, you know different freelancers charge different rates.

Also, the amount that a freelancer charges on a given work doesn’t contribute directly to the quality of the final work submitted. It all depends on the individual. Besides, for most services you pay once you are satisfied with the presented task.

The Different Payment Parameters

As stated earlier, how much you pay for a given task depends on the amount you are willing to pay to get the work done. That, however, doesn’t imply that there will be no room for negotiations. Some services offer their professional essay clients with attractive discounts.

There are five common types of freelance writing rates. They include:

  • By the Project

It is often a flat rate that you agree upon with the writer or writing service. The amount charged depends on the type of project that you require them to execute.

  • By the Hour

In any project, the amount taken to complete it varies from the next. Sometimes an essay takes less time than anticipated and other times, it requires you to use more of your time. For the writer, that means, they have to work on your job to completion and forgo other income-earning opportunities.

Thus, they charge you a rate depending on the amount taken to finish writing your essay.

  • By the Word

For academic papers especially, there’s often a word count requirement that you need to abide by. Some writers charge clients depending on the number of words required to complete the project.

  • By The Page

If you have a specific number of pages to write for your essay, then, you can negotiate the pricing based on the number of pages to be written.

You have to remember, however, that some writers are flexible and the payment parameter they base their rates on, varies depending on the client they are working with.

Average Rates for Academic Essay Writing

So, you have an essay assignment, some money set aside for essay writing services, what next? Well, you now have to search for a suitable writer or service that would produce exemplary material.

First, you need to realise that most freelance writers set their charges based on their years of experience on the job. It also depends on the type of writing, with online writing often at the lower end of the spectrum, while academic writing close to the higher end.

A survey by on the rates charged by freelance writers shows:

  • The rate charges per word often vary between $0.11and $1. However, you can find writers who charge more than that.
  • For essay writing rates that depend on the number of pages, it could cost you $30-50 for a 4-page essay (according to a Quora answer).

Factors that Affect Essay Writing Charges

  • Academic Level

The price charge to enjoy an essay writing service depends on your level of education. Typically, a High school paper costs less than a PhD dissertation.

  • Deadline of the Order

It refers to the time you hope to get the completed work. The earlier you need the job finished, you better be ready to pay more. As for pay, you can find a reliable service provider that offers you a discount.

  • Experience Level

The more experienced the academic writer, the more they will charge to get the job done. It applies if you are using the freelance writers recruiting sites, e.g. Upwork, rather than working with a particular business.

For businesses, most have a flat rate that they charge for their services, depending on your requirements and needs.


If you have an academic essay that you need to write but no time to do it, find yourself a reliable academic essay writer or service. It doesn’t hurt to desire to submit the given assignment in good time.

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