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Avakin Life (3D Virtual World) for PC – With Free Avacoins

Avakin Life 3D world, as the name suggests is a very popular virtual world Android game developed by Lockwood Publishing Ltd. It is a free to play game where you can chat, meet new friends, dress up, decorate your own place, customize your clothes, level up, use animations, buy furniture, and much more. You hold actual control over the life of your virtual character and its life is completely dependent on your decisions. The game is pretty similar to Second Life and IMVU and can be played on Android and PC.

Avakin Life  3D Virtual World

Although the game is meant to be played on a smartphone there are a lot of valid reasons why someone would want to play a game like Avakin Life on PC. PCs offer a great deal in terms of display and processing power which is required by most of the high-end games. Also, the amount of cache collected by Avakin Life can quickly fill up the comparatively lower storage volume available in smartphones. Avakin Life can also be easily modded on PC to include unlimited free Avacoins which is otherwise very difficult to perform on PC unless you download Avakin Life Mod APK for Android. But this process does not lets you customize the application as per your needs which is not the case when the same application is installed on PC.

Avakin Life 3D Gameplay Experience on PC

Live your fantasy in a world where you can be who you are from inside. Do the things that you would only image in real life. Customise a 3D version of yourself. Own your style with 1000s of stunning fashion items. Move into your dream home. Make friends all over the world and memories to last a lifetime. Avakin Life on PC offers a whole lot better experience than its Android counterpart.

Avakin’s 3D modelling engine was written in Linden Scripting Language which is used to add additional interactivity to objects. This engine dynamically creates objects and the quality of these objects depends on the underlying hardware. With smartphones the hardware is limited but PCs have significantly greater processing power. They can easily render high quality interactive elements at a greater frame rate. Thus the gameplay experience improves quite a few folds on PC.

Avakin Life became very popular soon after its launch and was awarded to be TIGA Game of the year in 2018 and has over 50 million active installs according to Google Play Store. With numbers being this huge you can easily estimate the popularity and the addiction of the game. According to the developers of the game, it lets you discover your true self and know more about the consequences of your actions. You are free to wear any dress you want, choose your avatar and that’s not all, you can even customize the world around you to live a perfect life of your dreams virtually.

Avakin Life 3d Virtual World Game is, however, free to play but most of the destinations are unlocked in the free version. To unlock everything in Avakin Life 3D Virtual World you can either make an in-app purchase costing you around $10 to $100 or you can download Avakin Life 3d Virtual World Mod apk from BlueMods for free avacoins. If you don’t want to spend any money on the game then the second option is good for you.

How to install Avakin Life for PC?

This is not as difficult as it may seem to you. Though Avakin Life is only available for Android and iOS you can still install it on your PC using an android emulator. Follow these steps given below to download and install Avakin Life on your PC.

Step1: Download and install any android emulator like Bluestacks or NOX on your PC.

Step2: Sign in using your Google account on Bluestacks and set it up (You will see instructions along every step).

Step3: After you are done with setting up your emulator, download Avakin Life 3d World app using Google play store. Or you can also download Avakin Life 3d world mod apk from the link given above.

Step4: Install the application and you are ready to enjoy Avakin Life 3d Virtual World on PC.


The process given above will allow you to download and install Avakin Life 3D Virtual World for your PC. Avakin Life is a Lifelike virtual world game where you can control your avatar completely and live your virtual life freely. Avakin Life’s in-game currency Avacoins can also be manipulated on PC so that you get them in unlimited quantity. Various reviews available on the Play store also tell that they have made a lot of real friends using this game. No doubt why the game was awarded as the game of the year in 2018.

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