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Are There Search Engines as Good as Google?

Google might have a firm hold on the search engine market, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives that are worth exploring.

Though it’s difficult to imagine other search engines competing with Google, given its global dominance and overall influence, believe it or not, Google does have counterparts.

Whether you have specific objectives or you’re simply intrigued to try out other options, you should definitely check out one of these worthy contenders:


If it’s privacy and efficiency you’re after, DuckDuckGo is without question one of the most recommended routes to take. The fact it doesn’t store your search history is reassuring, something which sets it apart regarding privacy.

Since no data is stored and collected, third parties can’t gain access to your personal information. If you’re concerned about search engines invading your privacy, you’ll be happy to know DuckDuckGo doesn’t track any data.

Google tends to build a profile of your browsing habits, which it uses to target advertising and other recommended content. Some prefer unfiltered searches, those which aren’t influenced by your previous search history.

What’s great about DuckDuckGo is you can search within specific websites, from the comfort of an extension installed within your browser. With the ‘bangs’ feature you can type a query like ‘!Amazon iPhone’ and it will take you directly to the Amazon search queries for iPhone.


This privacy centered search has undergone many transformations throughout its tenure as a search engine. Hotbot has explored various horizons but was recently reestablished as a safe search engine.

It’s well worth exploring, with a clean, friendly interface that will encourage you to experiment. The search engine was built with privacy in mind, meaning you can rest assured your information isn’t being tracked. is a search engine that has been rising in popularity over the past few years. Since its inception, has channeled search results for users across the globe.

The most telling attribute of is its approach to privacy. Search results aren’t tracked, meaning you’re afforded peace of mind, knowing your information is secure and won’t be tapped.

If privacy is important to you, you can’t go wrong with!


Bing is Microsoft’s answer to Google. It has taken the initiative to display a creative visual experience, where you’ll encounter beautiful background photos on its home page.

It is a great service for video searches, especially since you can play videos from within the search page. Simply hover over one of many thumbnails from your search query and you can preview videos.

Bing offers many of the services Google does, from conversions to translations, serving as a highly versatile tool with a firm global influence. The search results are comparable to Google. Though some would argue Google is superior, others would say Bing is as good as Google.

It has the features and functionality to rival Google, alongside additional features like a Rewards scheme where you can earn points to later purchase apps and movies.


Originating as Ask Jeeves, Ask is based on a question and answer format. This facilitates natural-language searches, as part of a user-friendly interface well suited to the traditional internet user.

A very easy search engine which prefaces FAQs, helping you tackle the most pressing of questions. A handy resource for getting your questions answered quickly and effectively!


Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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