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Are Pen and Paper Still an Essential Aspect of Businesses?

In the early days, technology was non-existent. This meant that every sort of business had to be done with the use of pen and paper. A lot of paperwork made it hard to keep an overview and it was easy to lose stuff. Fortunately, we currently have technology which helps us by keeping track of everything. But does that mean that pen and paper have become unnecessary? Let take a look whether or not pen and paper are still an essential aspect of businesses.

Pen and Paper Still an Essential Aspect of Businesses

There has never been a more technologically advanced period to run a business. There is a plethora of hi-tech technologies and solutions available at the moment, and the spectrum of options can be daunting, especially for smaller enterprises that need to emphasize efficiency and make intelligent decisions.

The term “paperless office” has been around since the 1970s, when experts, excited by the possibilities of new technology, anticipated that by the 1990s, all record-keeping would be done digitally. However, as the photo on your desk shows, we have a long way to go. One reason for this is financial; providing staff with a pen and paper is far more affordable than providing them with an electronic gadget. Cloud storage, which many businesses are embracing, can also be expensive. Even though people on the cutting edge of technological development can see how certain SMEs operate as outdated and unproductive, there is still something comforting about pen and paper.

As per research, more than one-third of US-based small businesses still use a Cross ballpoint pen and A4-size paper for crucial aspects of business management. The research discovered that it’s not rare for enterprises to still use these old techniques for duties such as maintaining inventories and ordering supplies. And the numbers have been consistent thoughout the last ten years. Moreover, one-sixth of the independently owned and operated merchants reported having installed an automated point-of-sale system.

These findings come as a surprise to everyone. Experts believe selecting and using suitable technology is “crucial” to success in the market. Every entrepreneur’s primary goal must be to gather the resources they need to adapt to a dynamic economic climate and compete with industry giants. When it comes to running their firms, entrepreneurs who have embraced technological solutions have reaped the benefits of reduced overhead costs, increased productivity, and accelerated growth. Technology has now become integral to the way we conduct ourselves on a daily basis. Now that the iPhone has been around for 10 years and every big shark in the business sector is donning luxury things like a St. Dupont gold lighter, we can focus on how far we’ve gone and the remarkable impact technology has had in such a short period.

Is It Possible to Have Too Much Technology?

There’s no doubt that technology has changed the face of the contemporary workplace and company, but is it possible to have too much technological advancement and disruption? Recent research has revealed that some company owners still choose the tried-and-true methods of operating a firm manually. This can be especially true for established businesses that have been profitable for some time and see no need to alter their methods.

It’s an interesting question to consider whether or not the constant connectivity afforded by modern devices makes it tougher for individuals to completely disconnect from work while at home or on vacation. According to a poll, 30% of US-based managers routinely react to business emails and calls while on vacation.

Though technological progress unquestionably has many positive effects, it is still up to individual companies to pick the services and products that will be most beneficial to them and their employees.

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