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App Store 6 Useful Apps for Cyclists

When summer is in full swing, the cycling season has long been open. All that remains is to add a couple of applications to your iPhone that may be useful on your trip.

Useful Apps for Cyclists

  1. Endomondo.

Endomondo is a real sports wagon, the application is designed for running, cycling (includes the speedometers for bicycles), walking, fitness. A personal virtual trainer represented by the program will carefully monitor the progress of the lesson, track various indicators and take into account each calorie burned, as well as give advice. There is support for other advanced functions: diaries, communication with other users, and even individual sports accessories. Endomondo can be installed on Apple Watch and can also be synced with other sports utilities from the App Store. The only noticeable drawback is the need for a subscription, which is not cheap at all.

  1. Strava.

The next app in our collection is called Strava. Its focus is narrower: runners and cyclists. However, its key feature is all kinds of user motivation. Here you have a lot of different achievements, a competitive element, and a strong social component. Strava lets you create your own bike routes to share with others, and also has a version for Apple Watch. The logging of the data of each session, of course, is present at its best. Payment is again based on subscription.

  1. Runtastic Road (Mountain) Bike.

Here we come to an app dedicated exclusively to cyclists, although there are other sports apps in the Runtastic arsenal as well. It offers users a full range of functions of any good bike tracker: statistics accounting, a map with GPS navigation, a voice assistant and even a music player. But there are also advanced functions like route planning and a scanty social component. There are practically no differences between Road Bike and Mountain Bike. The first offers routes on the road, and the second – off-road, the color scheme also differs. Unlike previous apps, Runtastic programs are purchased once and for all. There is no Apple Watch support, but there is our review.

  1. Map My Ride.

Map My Ride is another advanced bike tracker. In addition to the most detailed accounting of statistics, the application actively gives advice on keeping in good shape, allows you to customize the parameters of the trip, which the application will prompt you about in the process. Also, the program has a huge number of compatible accessories. If you have a gadget that you want to use while driving, then chances are high that Map My Ride supports it. It is also worth mentioning the extensive base of exercises performed without a bike as a nice bonus. The cost, excluding the premium subscription, is quite affordable.

  1. Bike Doctor.

If you like to ride – love to repair the bike. The Bike Doctor app contains a comprehensive amount of instructions and recommendations for the repair and maintenance of your two-wheeled friend. The language of the program is English, but most of the texts are written in a simple and understandable way, even if your knowledge is not great. You never know when you might need such an application, so it’s best to have it installed.

  1. Speedometer.

iPhone Speedometer is an application for users to track speed. These are detailed maps of bike paths, bike shops, bike shops and other points of attraction with the prefix “bike”. The database is constantly updated. Sometimes other programs, for some reason, do not provide data on cycling activity, in such cases, the speedometer is likely to come to the rescue. If you move mainly by bike, then this is an irreplaceable program as a navigator and tracker, and there are other applications for sports purposes.

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