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What Makes Anime Planet Different From Other Anime Streaming Platforms?

Anime lovers are all over the world, and it’s harsh to see that people are not treating Anime lovers similar to other genre lovers.

Under other genres you will find a lot of online streaming platforms, resources would be there, and you can check out their reviews and all.

anime streaming

But, with the Anime series, these resources are extremely limited.

In case you are someone who loves Anime and faces similar issues, then this post is for you. Here we are going to discuss the Anime Planet platform.

Introduction to Anime Planet

You can be an anime lover but still not be aware of this platform. Anime Planet is a fully-legal and industry-supported platform with the help of which you can get access to 1000s of official dubbed anime episodes.

Not just that, the USP of Anime Planet is their backend servers. They have specifically worked a lot on providing a high-quality experience to its users, and that’s the reason they picked up reliable servers with which you never face network issues in between your movie time.

This was just a small feature of Anime Planet, but there are plenty of things that make this platform different and better from other platforms.

In the coming section, we are going to discuss all those features & aspects.

Things That Makes Anime Planet Different From Other Anime Streaming Platforms

Anime Planet

Features are the things that make a platform better and different from its competitors. And when we are talking about Anime Planet, they have made sure to make it unique from every perspective.

Let’s have a look at those features:

1- Better User Experience:

Providing the latest anime episodes is something that anyone can do because the system just needs to pick a web series or show from a specific location to showcase it on their platform. But the most important thing is the user experience.

Just imagine you are visiting an anime show platform and after some time, you are getting random pop-ups and errors while watching your favorite show. Would you be able to enjoy the show completely?

Well, we know most of you are going to say “No”. This is why Anime Planet has worked specifically on getting better with their backend.

Their backend is extremely reliable with which they make it easier to provide a better user experience to their customers.

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2- Regular Updation:

We have discussed that anyone can bring the latest episodes of anime shows to their platform, but the question is how fast?

Well, in that case, Anime Planet always makes sure that their audience gets the best. Hence every time a new show is released they are able to update it to their audience within a time of 2 days.

In some cases, you can check out the latest episodes early as well.

3- Various Sections:

There are a total of 4 sections in Anime Planet, which are as follows:

  • Anime: The first section is Anime within which you would be able to get sub-sections like Anime season chart, Watch Anime Online, Anime recommendations, Browser all anime, and Top anime list.


With the help of these sections, you would be able to find the latest anime series, search what the audience is linking, check out anime recommendations, and watch the latest or older episodes in high quality.

  • Manga: The next section from the list is Manga, which is a graphical comic originating from Japan. Within these comics, you would be able to find a number of anime series stories and more.

Manga anime

Manga comics are so famous among anime lovers that they are always looking for the latest manga comics. And the basic reason behind it is, that these comics offer the latest stories of Anime shows before the shows are released.

On Anime Planet you would be able to get subsections like Read Manga online, Manga recommendations, Browse all manga, Webtoon database, Light novel database, Top manga list, and more.

Through this you can easily access and read the latest and older manga comics easily.

  • Characters: There are a number of characters in Anime series and Manga comics. And a lot of people are eagerly looking forward to learning more about those characters. Hence Anime Planet has a dedicated section for all those people with the help of which they can learn about those characters.Some of the subsections are top loved characters, top hated characters, and Browse all characters section.

Anime series and Manga comicsWith the help of this Characters section, you can keep an eye on all the latest and older characters easily. Not just that, within the characters’ sections you can learn everything about them from the previous times till now.

  • Community: Under the community section you would be able to notice a number of sections like Forum, Anime reviews, Manga reviews, Custom lists, Challenges, Site news, and Discord chat.

Anime Community

This section is specifically created for the users of Anime Planet with the help of which they can connect with each other and discuss their favorite Anime and Manga comics.

Not just that if you have any reviews around shows or comics you can update that too as well. Along with that, there’s a discord chat which is filled with 1000s of people who chat with each other on various topics linked with Anime and Manga comics.

4- Quality Matters:

Every show and comic that gets uploaded on Anime Planet is of high quality and you would be able to take advantage of an amazing experience while checking out the content.

This was all about some of the major features that make Anime Planet different from other Anime streaming platforms.


Quality matters a lot when we are talking about Anime streaming platforms, and Anime Planet has aced the quality sector efficiently. Here in this post, we have discussed how Anime Planet is winning in the game by providing exceptional user experience to their customers and making their way to the top.

Still haven’t checked out Anime Planet? Go check it out as soon as possible.


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