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Animations and World of Dinosaurs

Dinos are and remain spectacular. Given the successes of Jurassic Park trilogy and the recently released movie Jurassic World, there is yet another renewed focus on dinosaurs. Think of the Fisher-Price toys about Jurassic World and the Ravens burgerTipToi Play Figures, or the LEGO video game about Jurassic World, in which the old films also have their cameos. Of course, that dino hype is not really new. They talked about it millions of years ago. No seriously, for years fun series and films have been made on television that is especially aimed at children. A trip down memory lane: are you walking along? And do you have nice memories of dinosaur movies or dinosaur series on television?

Animations and World of Dinosaurs

Children like Dinosaurs

But why do children like Dinosaurs so much? Massimo Ammanniti who teaches developmental psychopathology tries to explain the reason for this in an excerpt from an article in “La Repubblica”. The evolution of the species itself has changed the animals that symbolize fears, which play an important role in this evolution. Before there was the wolf, for example, or snakes or spiders, which however now belong to past experiences. Today it’s up to the dinosaurs, but their deep meaning is the same. Dinosaurs make us reflect on the evolution of the species, how they were born and how they reproduced in addition to the mystery of their disappearance and subsequent extinction that has always intrigued the child and also the adult.

Discover the Nature

An interactive and multimedia museum to entertain the little ones, a real dive into the past to discover the origins and the different species of Dinosaur that inhabited our lands millions of years ago.The museum is full of illustrative panels, films and places based on scientific studies and an external path to follow to relive, through the faithful reconstruction of a natural habitat, the life of 120 million years ago. A room inside the Museum with augmented reality will be inaugurated shortly where children can have the perception of walking close to dinosaurs, a truly unique sensorial experience.

Walking with Dinosaurs

Animatronic Dinosaur refers to the use of robotic devices to emulate dinosaur species or bring lifelike characteristics to a dinosaur model. Animatronic Dinosaur is a multi-handcraft field which integrates mechanicals, sculpture, texture, skin, and painting resulting in lifelike dinosaurs. It’s powered by electrical or pneumatics ways and can be operated automatically using both sensor and human control.The Animatronic Dinosaurs in Movies walking with dinosaurs, made by the BBC, is a half documentary and actually looks a lot like the Disney movie Dinosaurs. In Walking with Dinosaurs, you will experience an exciting adventure with a reluctant patchy rhinosaurus named Patchy, who is drowned out by his bigger and stronger brother throughout his life. But that brother has little feeling, except aggression. Then our sweet Patchy is very different! A nice mix of documentary and feature film, because it contains few fantasy elements.


Hey, can I almost hear you thinking now … Transformers? What do robots have to do with dinosaurs? Well: in a certain series of the Transformers, the Dinobots played an important role. You know about these prehistoric dinosaurs when you have seen the last Transformers movie. In addition to the cartoon series, the Transformers franchise naturally includes a nice series of toys, which many young people also spared. Yes, I also had some dinosaur bots in my Transformers collection!

Dino Riders

The Dino Riders were actually a bit of science fiction: a group of people traveled from the future to the past, and fought their quarrels with huge dinosaurs, which they could control via special helmets to control the huge beasts. In addition, the dinosaurs were equipped with a large harness, and saddle or seat and of course a lot of lasers. The more the better. A little aggressive maybe, but very cool!


Lifelike Dinosaurs are usually made by the animatronic dinosaur manufacturers, such as My Dinosaurs Company. With the experienced and professional technical workers, you can’t believe that such lifelike dinosaurs in the movies are fake, not real.And it provides any other animatronic dinosaurs, animals, insects and plants. It also can build miniature park sculptures, dinosaur costumes and so on. And you can contact to customize if you want!

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