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Angular Vs React – Which Is Better For Web Development?

Angular Vs React – Which Is Better For Web Development

JavaScript is a prominent language that has been serving the service side web application development for years and it keeps getting popular. Hence, JavaScript and its frameworks are dominating the front-end application development.

Before we start we need to understand what these platforms are and what their function is.

Angular Vs React – Which Is Better For Web Development

What is Angular and React?

React is a component-based library that is used to develop interactive UI’s (User Interface). It is currently one of the most popular JavaScript front-end libraries that has a strong foundation and large community supporting it. Since everything thing is a component in React you can easily change any component at any point in time without disturbing the rest of the application.

It was developed by Jordan Walke, a software engineer working at Facebook. The main problem of this front-end library is the fact that there is no division in MVC, MVW, and MVPM that makes the development process confusing and time-consuming. However, when it comes to viewing, it provides a proper MVC architecture and a template which is present in the form of directive filters.

Angular Vs React – Which Is Better For Web Development

Angular is a type of typescript based on the JavaScript framework that has been developed and maintained by Google. Angular is the complete rewrite of Angular JS and was released by the name Angular 2. Angular is specifically designed to help developers build (SPA) Single Page Application following best practices for web development. “Angular Js” is a structural framework for dynamic web apps.

Which framework is better?

These client-side frameworks are built with only one purpose in mind and that is to make use of hardcore functionality that use to be done on the server, which consumed resources and caused slower speed on websites.

Let’s start with Angular. Angular is an older framework that was created 9 years ago by Google. A few people from Google kind of spinned it, which didn’t turn out too well. There are now a bunch of different versions of Angular. When angular first came out, it was the king on the block. For a long time, it was the most popular client-side framework.

Angular Vs React – Which Is Better For Web Development

Angular was definitely the biggest thing for a long time, but then React came along. React was created by Jordan Walke from Facebook! It’s also written in JavaScript and it came out in 2013 that is 2 years later. When it came out, they promoted it through Facebook and released it to the public. As soon as it was released, the difference between React and Angular was very evident and it was mainly based on the learning curve. Even to this day, it is still about the learning curve.

Angular is a full-fledged framework that handles a lot of things that a typical web application needs, but there is a very angular way of doing it or an angular code base for doing it. Whereas React is mostly considered the view of the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern that we commonly see within web development these days.

Model is your data structure that defines how your data is going to look. For example, if it is a book website, it would have things like title and author. You have to type information inside of your model and then the controller is going to handle all the functionality like “ok how many web pages am I going to have?” “what type of template engine am I using?” A template is then created on this server – meaning that the server executes code to generate your HTML or in modern ways, it uses a client framework like Angular on the and builds the view once the webpage is requested from the server.

So, essentially both of these frameworks handle the view portion of the MVC pattern. React exclusively focuses on just the template engine part of that destruct while Angular handles more than that.

One of the main differences is that React does not include all the different aspects of a single page application. Everything that you are going to need to build that isn’t included. If you want to do everything that Angular is doing you will have to install ANGULAR!

Long story short, Angular is a much larger framework than React and hence more difficult.  React is easier because they have made the syntax easier. If we look at the average salary of the Angular developer it is about $115.517/year across the United States, and now if we look at Reacting developer salary it is about $124.766/year in the US.

React-native is actually how you can use react code to write an app or a code that will work on both Android and IOS. There is also something called Reactive VR 2 so if you want to get into the virtual reality, you can use it, which is pretty cool and interesting, but the same is with angular as well. Angular has a native script, which is kind of like React-native, but we can’t lie that React has the most sophisticated libraries.


Both of them are in demand and both of them are growing quickly and you can do a ton of stuff with them. It really depends on your requirement of the task. Whichever framework you use, it is a JavaScript framework and JavaScript is a programming language that can be run on a web server directly. For efficient web browsing you need efficient internet service for an uninterrupted stream of work. Why not try out Spectrum Internet? If you are worried that Spectrum will also charge you hidden costs, then there is a complete guide on Spectrum hidden costs! If you are resident of Fort Worth, Texas, then you can check out cost-effective, fast internet packages available at Spectrum Fort Worth

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