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A List Of All The Places For Amazing iPad And iPhone Wallpapers

Our smart devices including phones, tablets, laptops, and even watches have become an inseparable part of our lives. We need them for the most basic features like an alarm clock and for the advanced ones like the ability to reply to an official email without having to switch on PCs or any other bigger system. So naturally, when you are working on these devices for nearly half of your day, the makers have to ensure that the phone or the tablet, apart from being functionally helpful, has to be pleasing to the eyes and this is where wallpapers come into play.

They are the first thing you see the moment the device wakes up. If you are an Apple product user, this blog will help you with a list of all the places for amazing iPad and iPhone wallpapers.

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Subconsciously or consciously, we all choose wallpapers that represent our personality even if just a little of it. If you are a pet lover and given a choice you would probably go for wallpaper with pets or animals. Some people choose to keep a picture of a loved one as their wallpaper. It can be an inspirational quote. The bottom line is wallpapers should be motivational or inspirational.

iPad And iPhone Wallpapers

When talking about the more technical bits of wallpapers, a good display image has to be superior quality, clear, and fit your screen perfectly. If you Google search an image and look for wallpaper, there are chances that you will find exactly what you need but there is also a chance that the image may not meet your expectations. For instance, some images are too big to fit on the screen and half of the image cannot be displayed. Some may have watermarks on them making them not-wallpaper-worthy.

When it comes to Apple products like iPad and iPhone, choosing the best wallpaper can get even more tricky. The best thing to do in such a case is to look for some applications that take care of all the technical and non-technical aspects of wallpapers and provide you with a concise database of pictures to choose from.

We have listed below 3 such applications that you must definitely check out for some really amazing iPad and iPhone wallpapers:

1- Everpix

This one’s for people who love high-quality and beautiful wallpapers. The images in this application are high-definition pictures.


The best part about the app is that it has images for all occasions and celebrations, in HD. The browsing experience offered by the app is exceptional since it lets you browse by putting in multiple filters like theme or category. You can also try how the wallpaper looks in reality for the home screen as well as a display picture.

Given the popularity of Everpix, the service providers are adding new wallpapers every day so you can rest assured that you are most likely to find something that meets your requirements.

Like most other applications, Everpix does display certain ads from time to time but that does not take too long. You can upgrade your version to the Premium one in case you are someone who needs the app for professional purposes since it would monetarily make more sense.

The app can be downloaded for free, the premium version comes with a price of USD 1.99 per week, and the Pro-version costs USD 4.99 (one-time pay)

2- Vellum Wallpapers

Vellum is one of the best options available in the market and all thanks to the massive database it has for some really good-quality, high-definition wallpaper images. The application sources its pictures from designers and artists across the world, which makes Vellum like a virtual art gallery.


When you browse through the application, you’ll know exactly what makes it one of the most preferred choices of wallpaper applications for many people. They have a small description explaining the reason for putting a certain image in a collection and the options to choose from are too many.

If you are looking for more general wallpapers, even for a certain rare type of image, Vellum is the app to check out because you will probably find it here.

That’s not it! Vellum lets you customize your image by providing you with an in-built option to blur certain parts of the image. The new Daily Wallpaper feature can also be really helpful if you get bored of the same thing really soon.

The premium version of Vellum costs around USD 1.99 (one-time in-app purchase), you can get your hands on the Daily wallpapers posted in the last 4 weeks without any distraction caused by the app.


This one is for all the wallpaper enthusiasts who are looking for something very specific and not the usual images. WLPPR updates its database using satellite images. So now you know the kind of images you can expect from WLPPR. They have access to pictures taken from satellites worth millions of dollars.


It is also an extremely informative application since its lists all the information related to the image including the object and the location. To prove its authenticity, it also provides the users with a link that connects the image to the original source.

Although the app can be downloaded for free, some collections are available only in the paid version which is around USD 0.99 per image. The entire collection can be unlocked for USD 3.99.

These are the 3 best places where you can find some really amazing wallpapers for iPhone and iPad. Of course, there are more in the market, but the quality and the quantity of the images on the 3 apps mentioned above remain unmatched.

To conclude

All we would like to say is that choosing wallpaper is extremely personal and varies from one person to another. In most cases, you will find a good image in the iPhone’s or iPad’s wallpaper gallery which is present by default or you can take the help of Google. But if you are looking for something more niche or special, then the applications are the way forward. Although some of them offer paid services, they are worth it if the right wallpaper is extremely important to you.


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