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“All We Need Is Love” An Art In Collaboration With St-Art India Foundation By Manish Arora

A fine art installation named “All we need is Love” has collaborated with St-art India Foundationat Jindal by Mansion Arora. The art is stimulated by his philosophy and values in life of observing things in anoptimistic manner.

Manish Arora’s idea behind collaboration with the foundation is to make the small noisy streets communicating through the urban art medium. A year back, he approached the STF (St-art India Foundation) to create an art piece in Mumbai. It didn’t work due to lack of the accurate canvas to display the art. His searched ended with Jindal Mansion, the perfect place to showcase the art installation with a different approach.

The title “All we need is Love” is the inspiration for the art installation from the ace designer’s philosophical life to see and understand things in anoptimistic way. He believes that we stay in the world of uncertainties and that makes the role of positivity more crucial.

With sheer ideation of 6 months and hard work of 35 artisans within 3 months, Manish could see his vision of art installation come true. The finished look was either printed or hand crafted embroidered on yards of cloth, nearly completed to 2,400 art pieces curated together. The installation was a perfect example of glow in the dark with elements of colorful and joyful celebrations. The designer believes that the vibrant colors would invoke peace and love in people.

He says that this year end 2017 should be a happy, optimistic and positive closing for people rather than a bang of negative thoughts. He adds further by saying that hopefully the art installation makes people take a pause and think that hope and love will outshine everything.

The director of the festival and the co-founder of St-art India foundation, Mr Arjun Bahl, comments that they were excited to work with the exceptional designer Manish on this creative and evoking art installation in Jindal Mansion. Manish has effortlessly proven himself with inspiration from his own fashion practice to uplift his artwork in a unique way.

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