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All about Kickass Torrents and Their Alternatives:

The extensively used Kickass torrent website for sharing files has sadly been dormant for 4 years after Artem Vaulin’s charged accusation of copyright violation. Since then people have been bent on finding an alternative for torrent file-sharing sites. Although a lot of other alternative torrent sites have surfaced up in recent times, nothing was able to match the original quality of Kickass torrent.

Kickass Torrents and Their Alternatives

Before going deeper into the visible alternatives of other torrentwebsites and options for replacing the same, let us understand what a torrent file actually is. A torrent file is a medium by which sharing files and data between computers can be enabled. Bit-torrent file distribution is where meta-info files get accessed between multiple users with different computers. Only minor information or a tracker of its original path will be present in the torrent files. With that information, tracking the way and finally connecting with the files will be materialized.

People use this Kickass Torrent site for downloading movies and distribution of commonly used files between resources. From the time Kickass Torrent went missing, the avid torrent website users longed for a replacement. Finally, in 2019, they launched a very similar platform called which has recently been garnering attention. Although the efficiency of this site is still not on par with the original kickass torrent, this has been currently used considerably. has recently been going through some downtime issues which seem to have affected the users to a larger extent.

In cases like this, people have come up with other proxy and pirated sites to emulate the functionality of the original one.

Kickass Proxy Sites:,,,,,,, and are some of the proxy sites and pirated sites, which could in all possibility be malicious and steal the data leaving us in trouble. Hence careful monitoring of the sites before we happen to proceed with them should be done. There are cases, where credit card information from users have been robbed and abused while clicking these sites.

To download files from the Torrent Network:

There is Bit-Torrent client software where you can download Torrent files. The official website for this will also be useful to install the torrent files. After installation, we use the magnet links and download the files using trackers.

These files need to be scanned and scrutinized for virus checks with the help of Anti-virus software. There is also a necessity to download the files only from reputable and known sites as some are prone to malfunctions.

The forum of the website has reviews and comments to feed you with the originality of files or if it is virus-free. These reviews can be availed before we zero in on any file.

A good alternative for Kickass Torrents:

There are valid and proper alternatives for kickass torrents that can be leveraged for torrent file-sharing. Some of them have been quite effective and extensively used on a larger scale.

Pirate Bay:

This is one of the commonly used alternatives and will require a secure VPN connection in order to evade copyright issues. This contains all data in the form of software, movies, or music.


This is another prevailing alternative for Kickass torrent which has been in trend in recent times. This is more user-friendly in functionalities like searching and downloading with elegant and easy designs.


The best alternative for movie buffs who miss the original can avail Torlock. One of the most quality-controlled sites that guarantee validated files.

The above three seems to be extensively used alternative for Kickass torrents.

Kickass Torrent Movie Download:

This is used for downloading movies which are then shared in kickass torrents and then consumed by different users. People have used this site regularly to consume all the unblocked torrent files. One way to really do that is to be sure of what you want and transfer it to your local system through a program. We have to choose an app for that which is the Kickass torrent2 movies download app. This will enable an automated search and the system will do the whole process for you.

The app is more favorable for this kind of download provided you are sure of what files you want. Kickass Torrent download is about going online and uploading/downloading the file. This is a paid app and subscribe for it only if you know if you are going to use it.


This is the best file-sharing app or site and can never be replaced. Torrent files really aid us in peer-to-peer sharing in effective ways. One of the most widely used app or site that aids file-sharing and downloading efficiently.

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