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Airbnb Seeming To Present Virtual Tours Of Properties


One of the most liked home rentals website in the world, Airbnb, is seeking to integrate technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality into enhancing the experience of users on its platform. The shift is intended at providing users an improved sight of the property that they seem to reserve for their next tour as well as enhancing their experience during their visit.

The firm is paying attention to using these technologies in 2 parts—virtual reality prior to a tour and augmented reality during the trip. VR capabilities such as 3D scans and 360 photos will enable users to look within a city or home and recognize what to anticipate, and how to adjust themselves prior to they depart from the soothe of their own house. In a blog post, Airbnb claimed that virtual reality can also let guests present a glance at properties and destinations in an enhanced approach.

Airbnb will be using augmented reality to make it simpler for guests to explore newer destinations. AR capabilities will enable the service to offer related, timely data for users to steer precedent cultural dissimilarities in an uncharted city. Also, the usage of augmented reality will assist guests to link to the city in a more captivating manner.

Airbnb said, “Just imagine how greeting, pulling up paths to the coffee mugs on a phone will be primary thing in the crack of dawn. Or, on the spot conversions on how to toil that German thermostat.” At present, Airbnb mentioned it is examining prototypes and has provided no date when these features will be launched. Augmented reality is evidently achieving position speedily with tech giants such as Apple and Google incorporating the tools on their mobile platforms. Recently, AR stickers were added by Google on Pixel phones to Android 8.1 whereas Apple rolled out ARKit earlier this year with iOS 11.

Poonam Bhosale
Poonam Bhosale
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