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Advantages Of Solar-Parking-Lot-Lights Compared To Other Lights

If you have been road at the time of dusk, then solar parking lot must definitely have lit up your passage. You will see every light getting switched on just as the sensors detect. Solar powered parking lots are free from grid and other connection and they have plethora of benefits in comparison to the other lights. So, are they really worth it?

Advantages Of Solar-Parking-Lot-Lights Compared To Other Lights

As solar lights are getting popular with every passing day, commercial and residential users assess whether it’s worth it for them to opt for parking lot solar lights or not.  Though you don’t have to shell thousands of dollars to install solar parking lots and roofing panels or opt for some cutting edge technology. Solar parking lot lights aren’t a big investment in eco-friendly practices, but how are they better than the traditional lights? Though they are reliable, green, effective and convenient, but do they surpass the benefits of other lights?

When you are deciding whether you should go for solar parking lot lights or any other lights, then the first thing is to know the working of these lights. They have developed a lot in the past few years.

Most of the solar parking lot lights are independent and come decked with solar chips and lights. They do not require any power grid connectivity. It means there isn’t any need of trenching or installation trouble.

Once it is installed, every light is adjusted at the best angle so that it can easily get the sun rays. And, after that the light starts working on its own. All it needs to do is capture the sunlight and convert it into power. Contrary to this, traditional lights require electricity to function and hence, aren’t a good source of energy.

This is how simple the functioning of solar parking lot lights is! However, what really makes solar parking lot lights better than others are given below:

Low environmental impact

Yes, it is a very valid point. Being solar powered technology, it can easily over and over convert to renewable energy. So in comparison to the other lights, they are a great investment to lower the carbon footprint of your company and lower the energy consumption on day-to-day basis. A solar parking lot uses low energy in comparison to the others which relies on the power grid. All in all, your parking lot will never use any energy at all. Hence, it doesn’t have any maintenance or usage charges in comparison to other light forms.

Lower your expenses

Solar parking lot lights costs low in comparison to the other lights. Once you are done with the initial investment, you will get lower energy bills and lower maintenance expenses. Solar powered lights also are inexpensive to install. You don’t need to dig deep trenches for wiring and you can use the money for other stuff purchase for your property.

Often city-wide or state-wide funding is done to help companies transform power to solar and other energy sources. And, as far as maintenance is concerned, these lights are not connected to power grid, so there isn’t any need to dig down deep and fix a broken connection like the other light forms.

These lights also don’t use power and add to your energy consumption, thereby saving hundreds of dollars yearly which you can otherwise use on other things.

Solar lights are versatile

Solar parking lot lights can easily be installed anywhere. You don’t have to think twice about where the gas lines are and whether you are disturbing landscape setting or not. They are also available as portable lights. They are highly useful for businesses with traveling storefronts.

No matter whether your parking lot is big or small, whether it is a straight line or has a lot of turns and twists, these lights can easily be placed anywhere and they offer sufficient lighting for your patrons.

Keeps your parking lot safe

Parking lots have proven to be a hub for crimes, vandalism, loitering etc. A solar lit parking lot deters such behavior and makes the customers, parkers and employees safe. They offer higher safety in comparison to the lights tied to the grid. They work even when there is power outage, just when criminals may get tempted to enter your property.

They are also decked with light sensors because they turn on, the moment the levels of light go low. That means you don’t have to remember to turn them on or alter the timer to save it during day time. So, as soon as it gets dark, your parking lot gets lit.

With solar parking lot light, you can easily enhance the visibility of your parking lot and keep your building and surrounding area secure. Solar parking lot lights adequately serve the purpose well and you can order them at So what are you waiting for just check it out and you will surely want to place your order.

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