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Advanced SEO Strategies to Rank Higher on Google

Did you know that getting clicked is important if you want your site and business to grow? In 2019, understanding and implementing SEO (search engine optimization) techniques is the key to increasing your traffic and outperforming your competitors.

However, with the fast pace of digital marketing, SEO techniques keep changing from year to year, and staying on top of the newest, most advanced tricks in the book will help you make your website more efficient.

In this article we will show you some advanced SEO strategies you can implement in your digital marketing, so you can rank higher in Google searches.

Advanced SEO Strategies

1.  Try Going for Longer Posts

SEO experts have pointed out the importance of the quality of content on your website, and that is by far the most essential factor in improving your search ranking. One study showed that the posts on Google’s first page are 1,900 words long on average, so make sure the content you put out is longer.

2. Updating Old Content

The Google algorithm is always changing and you need to keep up. Instead of writing a new article try making your older content still relevant by adding new information to already existing, published posts.

For example, you can update the headline and make it more trendy and SEO-friendly, or improve the information you’re offering up to your audience so it provides them with even more value.

3. Consider a Private Blog Network

If you want good SEO results you can always use a Private Blog Network. A PBN works by connecting multiple of your websites in order to provide backlinks to your money site. This is a common and effective method of getting to the top of Google’s results.

You can find professional online services that offer to create and manage your PBN for you. A popular PBN hosting service LaunchCDN have just launched a PBN building service. They can gather all the domain names, and content for the websites in your PBN and provide you with hosting for your entire private network.

4. The Loading Speed of Your Page

In order for the customer to get a better experience, you should make your website’s loading speed a priority. If your page doesn’t load up quickly double-check to find the problem.

Are you using images that are heavy for the page? Do you have a lot of embedded media? Are you using the wrong theme?

These might often cause an issue. So, if you want to optimize your images to speed up your website you can start by going through the most common factors that contribute to a slower loading speed:

  • Javascript issues
  • Flash content
  • Too many HTTP requests
  • Unclean code
  • Not using gZip compression
  • Bad hosting
  • Not using a CDN

5. Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

We are spending more and more time on our smartphones, in fact, more than 60% of Google’s searches come from mobile devices, which means that you need to optimize your website for mobile right now. If you don’t do it, this will most definitely affect the quality of your users’ experience and that can affect your Google rankings in turn. Make your mobile site user-friendly with responsive web design, a separate mobile URL and optimizing the local searches.

6. Use Keywords

This is another major component if you want your SEO to get you to rank higher. You need to include keywords that fit naturally into sentences and also include them in your header tags and image captions. Or you can include long-tail keywords with three or four-word phrases.

We can recommend using Search Analytics, as it will allow you to look at a particular keyword’s rank, which can be useful, and you can also install the Keywords Everywhere plugin to check out the Monthly Volume of a given keyword.

7. Spice It Up with Infographics

It has become extremely difficult to keep users on your website with only textual content. So, if you want to capture the attention of the viewer you can use highly visual infographics and illustrations. Also, infographics will increase your brand awareness, can easily go viral and attract many followers, and are a great visual to present analytics.

8. Post your Content on Social Media

Another way for your site to gain credibility and traffic is to post your content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms like Quora, Slideshare, and Medium. Social media engagement won’t help you with your website’s SEO per se, but it can be an effective way to generate more traffic – which is something that signals to Google that your website is quality.

9. More Video Content

The popularity of video content keeps rising. According to one survey, video traffic will take 82% of all consumer traffic by the year 2021. So, in order to make the most of your SEO strategy, make sure you include more video content in your website’s content strategy. Don’t forget to add keywords to your meta descriptions and titles – there is such a thing as video SEO.

10. Website Architecture

Make sure you have a website structure that is easy to navigate. This is extremely important for e-commerce websites. A nice layout with well-defined categories is crucial for the success of your website and your SEO ranking.

11. Internal Links

If you want your users to spend more time on your website, you can easily achieve this by linking your articles internally. This will also make your content structure more organized. Make sure your internal links are relevant and useful and also limit the use of UGC from external websites.

Every web owner wants to get more traffic and also increase their search rating, but only a few of them use the right SEO techniques. The easiest way to stay competitive in such an environment is to always keep up with the changes Google makes every year and the trends which can bring you ahead of your competitors.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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