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Access More Sophisticated Features By Upgrading To Windows 10 Pro Version

There are two versions of Windows 10. Chances are you are running the windows home version. There is nothing wrong with the windows home version; in fact, it is a perfect OS, but it lacks many features that you can only get access to on windows when buying win 10 pro key. As you can already tell from the name, the home version is designed to be used by the average user for doing everyday daily tasks. In contrast, the professional version is made for businesses and companies that have to use many complex programs. So depending on what kind of a user you are, you should decide on upgrading to the higher, more sophisticated version of windows. 

Price plays a significant role

The price for both versions varies a lot. One of the reasons why the majority of the windows users have home versions installed on their pc is due to the price. The home version is cheaper than the pro version, but if you consider the features that it offers, the price seems worth it. 

Windows has stopped the free upgrade, so you have bought the windows one pro key directly from the Microsoft store. The price tends to be lower on other third party e-retailers, like on bzfuture, you can buy Windows 10 OEM product key global for only $19.63. The global key allows you to use the software irrespective of your geographical location. 

The features that you will only find in windows 10 pro 

Here we have discussed the features that you will only find on windows pro. 


The BitLocker function has been there since windows vista, so it’s nothing new. But in windows, you can encrypt not only your drive, but also your boot drive, your USB, and other external drives! This makes it much safer for you to take your pc with you when you are traveling. You do not have to worry about your data getting stolen by some criminal, as the BitLocker system will keep your pc and drives locked. But do not worry; you can remove the BitLocker encryption whenever you want! Just log in to your computer and bam; you get to see all your files and data!

Remote desktop connection

All windows 10 pro PC’s come with the remote desktop connection ability. This allows you to control another machine remotely, but remember the screen on the pc that is being controlled will become completely blank. 

You can remotely access widows 10 home pcs too, but that is not a remote desktop connection, but remote assistance. Here, the screen on the computer being controlled does not become blank.

Memory limit 

There is a limit to memory in pcs running windows home. The memory limits in-home version i is only 128 GB, but in the pro version, the memory supported is up to 2TB.


If you want to run VMs, then you need a pro machine! Home does not support Hyper-V.

Windows sandbox 

Running suspicious or third-party on sandbox will keep your pc safe, which you do not get on windows home!

You should really consider the costly upgrade to windows 10 just for the sheer amount of features that are lacking in the windows home version.

How to keep the device with windows 10 pro safe

Keeping your device safe when downloading different software and applications is a bit tricky. You never know which software comes with a threat. Worry not a few more software installed in your laptop can save you from the virus threats, and malware attacks.

  1. An anti-virus specially designs for the latest window versions.
  2. A VPN for the privacy and safety, you can check thebestbvpn for the windows, do not install an older version.
  3. The reliable cybersecurity tools.
  4. Computer security tools, for the overall security of the device




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