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A Look at Gaming Growth: From Steam to Online Casinos

When you look back at gaming over the years it is easy to see that the gaming industry has gone through a number of changes and upgrades. Technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the past 20 years and the online gaming industry has certainly benefited from this.

From Steam to Online Casinos

 From Steam to Online Casinos

Ask any gamer about Steam and they’ll be able to tell you plenty about the video game digital distribution service. The online platform allows people to stream and download games rather than needing to own the physical disk to play on the PC. PC games were often hard to get hold of and had a hefty price tag so the introduction of Steam, where PC games were suddenly more accessible was welcomed by most in the gaming industry.

Of course, since then the concept of playing online games has grown massively – we now have a massive range of complex games available on smartphones, as well as high-tech games consoles and various ways to get our online entertainment fix.

One part of this industry that has grown over recent years is the online casino industry. As Steam led the way to online gaming being more acceptable, the casino industry was able to grab on to this and grow their industry too. You only have to look at platforms such as Fair Go Casino and their huge range of games to see that this part of the industry has also benefited from technology over recent years.

The Future of Online Gaming

20 years ago it would have been normal to see a number of computer game shops on the high street, with racks of games for various consoles and even the option to sell them any games that you were no longer playing. Online entertainment has grown in all manner of ways over recent years and now it is much more likely that someone will download a game or pay a subscription service to be able to stream it when they want. Of course, there are many ways that our high streets have been shaped by changing technology over the years and the disappearance of games shops is just one of these – land-based casinos and even grocery stores would be good examples too. People are shifting to online services to get what they need & the playing of games is no exception.

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