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A Latest Complete Set Of Offshore Outsourcing Development Team

Technology is rapidly exploding and occupying an indispensable important position in every organization or agency. And so, quality human resources to implement software development projects are increasingly sought and expected in almost every country in the world. 

Offshore Outsourcing Development Team

However, to carry out a software development project is not easy. As not every country has enough developers or talented software engineers to pursue long-term, complex projects. Keep in mind that computer science – software engineering is not an easy discipline and therefore, recruiting and training a team of full-time Software Engineers for the company is not a simple story, either save money or time. 

Above all, as a business owner, you need to consider many other factors such as timing of product release, modernity to meet market trends, further development steps … And so, Working with offshore outsourcing service delivery teams is evident. However, what did you prepare for yourself before entering the ‘battle’ stage with the team? The following is the article about the latest complete of instructions for hiring an offshore development team that can provide you with necessary information.

Why should we hire an offshore development team?

What is “software outsourcing development”?

Before diving into tutorials on hiring an offshore software outsourcing development team, or weighing the advantages of it, let’s read through a few basic concepts to make sure all the readers don’t miss the right concept in this respect.

Software outsourcing development is the act of assigning work parts of a software development project to a third party for execution. The third party providing services can be a large software development outsourcing company, a small team or just a talented individual. Depending on the needs and the budget limit of the business, business owners can consider choosing a suitable service provider.

Or in another way, business owners can also hire individual personnel with their respective professional tasks to do the project together, matching different people to one united team. This is also not a bad idea, but you must be very careful and make sure you have enough knowledge about the technical stages, legal, and reasonable remuneration…

Each category is a big deal! Indeed, there is no completely easy job. But if you know how to find and choose the right team, a very good team can support you. That is something worth being proud of.

Then, how about “offshore development”?

Simply put, when your domestic resources are not strong enough to support your project, you have to go find an outsourcing team in some countries with other technological strengths. In the world today, there are many countries focusing on developing talent for students. And so, these countries have a remarkable advantage in information technology resources compared to some other countries. In particular, we must include prominent names such as the US, Australia, Ukraine, Belarus, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia …

If you choose a partner from another country but still on the same continent or within close proximity to you, it is called ‘nearshore’. But if you choose a country on a continent that is far away from your current location, for example, American clients come to Vietnam to outsource software development, that is ‘offshore’.

Benefits of offshore software development

Fair service price

When you conduct software outsourcing to a country with an information technology advantage, first of all, the prices between companies will be extremely competitive. Then, depending on the regions and continents, service rates can fluctuate lower or higher, depending on the standard of living of that country.

If you consider that the price for software development experts in the US or Poland is over your budget, try looking for outsourcing companies in India or smaller countries such as Singapore, Vietnam … to get yourself the best choice. But remember, no matter what the prices of the service providers are, do a thorough research on their portfolios before deciding to partner.

More diverse talent pool

This is also extremely easy to understand. Because when you look for units specializing in software development services, there will be a lot of engineers recruited, trained with the ability to update the latest technology trends. Plus, since they work and develop themselves as a team, there are of course plenty of backup HR options available if one of the dedicated members goes wrong, there are members taking on support duties to ensure the seamless product development.

Diverse and universal knowledge

Since these teams are created to specialize only in software development, serving the information technology market in a country or around the world, the teams providing these services are always up to date. new trends every day – or it is they who created the trends. So, when working with software development service providers, you won’t need to worry too much about product innovation and freshness – unless the team you choose is too poorly qualified. and low credit.


It is also the professionalism and extensive knowledge of software engineers that the time that your product will be completed and put to use quickly. In the commercial business, it’s important to act at the moment and seize the opportunity. Knowing this, Saigon Technology always ensures to maintain a balanced and suitable work schedule for both parties, in order to bring the best products in the most reasonable time with the most competitive price for customers. all around the world.

A complete guide on hiring offshore development team

To successfully complete a project, it can be said that everything matters from choosing the right and ingenious Development team for your project. If you put it properly, you can go to success. Therefore, a series of questions will pop up in your mind and distract you a lot. But don’t do it! Here, we have provided a list of things to check for to find an Outsourcing Partner for your Project.

Roughly learn about what you will do

Simply put, before you start doing anything, take a moment to learn all the extensive information on that matter. The simplest way, start your research by typing the information you need to find on information search engines such as Google, Bing … Then, refine and select sources of information, articles suitable and find for yourself the most useful information to use in the future.

Listing detailed requirements

This is the first and foremost step for any organization or startup looking for an Outsourcing Partner. Firstly, you must note your requirements in detail. Spend a lot of time thinking and pondering over the problems your business is facing. 

What do you need – what do you want from this project?

Do you have special requirements that need the Developers to take note of how closely?

When do you schedule software product launches to benefit your business?

Always list each category and work item, with the most concise language possible to avoid disrupting the developer mindset. I do not mean that you should leave out the small details. In fact, the small details and small requirements bring more success than ever for projects.

All your requirements and thoughts should be clearly listed and detailed. You know, the team of Developers need to understand your needs, they can carry out their work as smoothly and professionally as possible.

Check out their expertise & refer to previous projects they worked on

The next thing is to analyze the technical knowledge, technology and skills you need to develop the project. With these, analyze the outsourcing company’s engineering experience and find out if they suit your requirements.

In addition, you should also ask how they solve problems, unexpected challenges arise during project implementation, and how they address them – as well as how long they will solve them. Gather more details regarding their working speed, the time they have spent on previous projects and project completion, and how they receive and give feedback.

Thoroughly consider your budget

Finding and selecting the right IT Outsourcing Service provider is generally like a ‘buffet’. Cost for software development services depends on many different objective and subjective factors. In which, the difficulty and urgency of the project account for the majority, followed by reputation and technical expertise of the developer.

In addition, another equally important factor determines the level of cost also depends on the location of the outsourcing supplier. It is important to choose according to your budget and the required experience. It does not only depend on the skills and expertise you need, but also on the budget.

Further maintenance & Scale development

With a single software product, it will be difficult to bring profit or a great step forward for your business. So, just make sure you also have visions and strategies for the future period – depending on the business policy and the market economy.

In addition, product maintenance is also extremely important. Make sure that your overseas Development Team is on hand to support and maintain it when any problems arise after launching your project. In addition, software applications generally need regular updates to the latest versions so that your software project could stay up-to-date with the world.

About Saigon Technology

Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City and having a branch office in the heart of Da Nang City – two major cities directly under the central government of Vietnam, Saigon Technology has the strength of human resources attracting right from the start of the 2 most busiest cities in the country.

During nearly 10 years of accompanying the technological development of the world in general and of Vietnam in particular, Saigon Technology has continuously produced excellent technology products, meeting the needs of the big and strict markets like the US, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands … To then build a strong brand like today, with more than 100 developers specializing in a variety of programming languages such as ASP.NET, AngularJS, NodeJS, React JS, iOS and Android / React Native.

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