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A Guide to Sports Betting in Zambia

Sports betting or online sports betting is fascinating to people from all around the world. In many countries, it’s legalized now. But, one must know all the rules and regulations behind it. As they might vary, for example, the procedure of a sport bet Zambia could be different from that in any other country.

Sports Betting in Zambia

In this blog, we will elaborate on the sports betting world in Zambia.

Zambia- A Country of Sports Lovers

Zambia, one of the most popular African countries, boasts a population of around 17 million, most of them sports freaks. With the popularity of sports like football, basketball, table tennis, or baseball, sports betting is also becoming very popular there.

Zambians are keenly interested in online betting for their favorite teams and players.

Sports Betting in Zambia- Legal or Illegal?

In Zambia, sports betting is now legal. Earlier, there were some restrictions on sports betting to avoid illegal activities. The Betting Control Act in Zambia regulates betting control.

The act mentions essential requirements for licensing casinos and sportsbooks. State Lotteries Act and the Casino Act are also formed to safeguard the participants’ interests.

Many sports betting companies are legally set up in Zambia that provide betting options on local as well as international sports. The legal age for betting in Zambia is 18.

Is Online Sports Betting Popular in Zambia?

Online sports betting, to some extent, is legal in Zambia, but nothing is clearly mentioned in the state rules. Several online betting platforms are available in Zambia, but they have to fulfill certain conditions.

If someone is looking for an online betting site in Zambia, they should choose only the top reputed sites like Betway. Such sites offer enough bonuses and good customer service. They also use SSL encryption to keep your information private and safe.

Popular Sports in Zambia to Bet On

The first step for any wager is to select the sport for betting. You should know all the details of that particular sport, including rules, players, teams, and statistics.

The best sports that you can opt for betting in Zambia are:

  • Football(Soccer)- Football is the national sport of Zambia and is undoubtedly very popular there. You get many chances to bet on several football tournaments going on all over the year.
  • Basketball- Basketball is also one of the most loved sports in the world. There is a massive market for the NBA. Betting companies also offer FIBA and NCBA tournaments.
  • Rugby- The country has many league teams who play different local and international matches. You get enough chances to bet on them.

Apart from these, boxing, tennis, and golf are also immensely popular among sports lovers and wagers in Zambia.

Play Safe While Betting Online

To stay on the safe side, always choose the authorized betting platform. Check the licensing information of the site and ensure they use SSL encryption. Check the payment methods and other details on the site. Also, don’t get into sports betting in Zambia if you are under 18.

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