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A Brief Guide to Instagram for Beginners

The universal truth to earning online is that the user must have a sort of influence (a recognizable following, a large reach in a target audience). There have been a lot of manuals that have told people a thousand times that it works & it’s foolproof.

However, one phenomenon does not fit everyone because not everyone has the same vision. Even in online businesses, the things people sell are not the same. Everyone will have a different vision to work upon & different place to focus upon as well.

Many a social media agency touted the perks of an email list to its clientele countless times. It would be wise for people to focus their energy on things they are best suited to do.

When it comes to social media, there have been people who have created cyber empires on a single social media site. They have also hosted large scale launches of products and services without sending an email. It seems unconventional but it can be done.

For users who wish to do things differently, there is good news for them because they can consider boosting their target audience on Instagram.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most interesting social media services now. With an array of options to post to stories or profile feeds (even go live on the mobile app too), there is a multitude of ways users can reach their intended audience.

When users are intending (& possibly trying) to grow their audience & influence online, you will find out that they will focus a lot on Instagram. Let’s have a look at a few facts at why Instagram is hip these days:

  • Every six out of ten adults have an Instagram account.
  • On a daily basis, there are 500 million Instagram accounts that are active.
  • More than 80% of Instagram profiles follow at least one or two businesses.
  • Instagram stories are used by 100 million people daily.

This translates into the fact that the world is on Instagram and people are active. They also are actively following & engaging with their favorite brands on Instagram.

The story used to be the same on Facebook. However, people, these days are getting annoyed by excessive promotional material on Facebook and will often scroll past such posts ignoring a lot of marketing efforts by businesses.

But, if businesses do Instagram correctly, their audience will be more likely to follow & engage with them on a regular basis.

With ton loads of new accounts joining Instagram each day, chances are your target audience is on Instagram and is coming on it too.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media service (site & app) that allows public and private sharing of images. Users will see your content if they follow you if you add a hashtag to it or geographically tag to your image (possible if your business on Instagram has a public profile).

In its early days, Instagram resembled Pinterest where users could only post either pictures or videos, and captions. A lot of users chose only to share images ignoring the prospect of adding captions to those images completely.

Today, the Instagram story option is here. Instagram stories are more of ‘living the moment’ and disappear in 24 hours. Instagram got this concept from Snapchat.

By means of Instagram stories, users can give their followers a look into life and business that is non-curated and pure. Users can also share videos, pictures as well as text updates with they are doing now.

Three primary goals users have on Instagram are: getting more followers, receiving more likes & receiving comments. These three factors combined to form influence and with that, users can start selling their products & services, as well as making money in different ways.

How to earn on Instagram?

How to making money on Instagram’ is no longer a hard nut to crack. It depends completely on the uniqueness of your brand and on the quality of content on your Instagram handle as well. You can make money on Instagram in the following ways:

  • Making & Posting sponsored posts for brands wishing to be showcased in front of your target audience.
  • Making a commission in selling products of other brands through being an affiliate (Affiliate Marketing).
  • Creating & selling either a physical or a digital product. Also works with offering a paid service to the audience.
  • Selling licenses to Instagram users for your own content (photographs or videos).

The best part is that one revenue stream here does not necessarily rule out the other.

Can an Instagram account be optimized?

Optimizing social media pages has never been a big deal in the past few years. A full SEO services agency can optimize Instagram accounts of businesses, brands, and celebrities alike with relative ease, using relevant and correct tools.

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