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9 Productive Startup Ideas For College Students In India


It has been observed since past few years job uncertainty is increasing day by day. Many different startups are taking birth in the country and without the 100% guarantee that all startups will succeed. Several startup ideas are taking birth every day to solve problems existing in the country from time immemorial.

Startup Ideas For College Students

In India, students of today are the future citizens of India and the future economic conditions too depends on them. A huge number of students are opting to launch their own startups these days even if they are engaged in their studies. College time is the best time to acquire entrepreneurial skills. There are plenty of ideas of startups for college students in India.

Startups for college students in India

There are various Ideas for startups for college students in India. Few of them are listed below.

  • Youtube Videos

Youtube is one of the most popular platforms for videos posting and sharing. You can start your own Youtube channel or with a group of friends. It can be anything from reviews to stand up comedy or pick some topic that fascinates you. You can run some ads and earn freebies and money if you get enough subscribers for your channel.

  • Tutor Service

It is one of the upcoming business ideas in India for college students. Nowadays every parent looks for a good tutor for their child. As a college student, you may teach students in your areas of expertise. It is one of the best and profitable small business ideas for college students that require no money. People thinking about how to start a business in India without money may consider this idea as best. You can work for a more wider market by teaching online. It has little to no overhead, so almost all your income will be profitable.

  • Sell homemade chocolates & cakes

Making and selling cakes & chocolates is another easy business to start with low investment. People who love baking and preparing chocolates should start a business that deals with it. There is a large market for cakes and chocolates. You can source for various events and festivals. If you are hard working you can reap a fortune from the business.

  • Selling personalized gifts and Crafts.

As a Student, you can consider this as a good upcoming business idea in India. You can make personalized gifts based on customer’s taste and occasion and sell them. There has been always a large demand for customized greeting cards and gifts.

  • T-shirt Printing

T-shirt Printing business has a bright future in India. Various organizations and enterprises need t-shirts, hoodies etc in bulk. There are so many people providing this service. A little of customization in each of the item can work wonders.

Most of the times we people have a question “How to start Business in India without money?”.  Here are some ideas that require no money.

  • Recruitment Firm

This idea can be implemented without investing huge amount of money. You just require a phone connection and few contacts for the firm.

  • Online Website

You can start a small website. It is one of the best business idea because it has huge potential. Today various websites are earning huge amount of money.

  • Freelancing

You can work as freelancer anytime. This doesn’t require any money. You need to just post your skillset on the open forum or freelancing website.

  • Photographer

If you are very good at clicking photographs. You can make your hobby a business. You need a very good camera to start this business. You can earn huge amount of money by providing professional photography services.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you can choose any of these ideas and work upon. It is never too late to become an entrepreneur. Know more:

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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