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8 Best Hair Gadgets You Should Try

One of the hardest beauty problems to solve is finding the right hair device. There’s too many being made in the world; how does one decide? To help you all out, we have gathered eight of the best hair gadgets to try. Why curse through store after store, overwhelmed and confused when you can get a rounded up list right here! Here we go.


  1. The Perfect Hairbrush

With technology getting more intense every day, there are so many old-school products that are getting a modern twist. Among these is the hairbrush. The Sensation Professional Electric Straightener Brush is a great product for quick and easy frizz-removal. Many women and even men go through the struggle of bad hair days. This includes frizzy, non-cooperative and knotted hair. A few strokes of this heated hairbrush and you should be good to go. It even removes knots and leaves your hair smooth!

  1. Hot Air Styling Brush

Who doesn’t love two things for the price of one? Literally no one. This 2-in-1 styling brush is a great customizing gadget. If you’re someone who loves having a new look every day, this is a nice product to have in your vanity. Adore a salon-like blowout? Get it at home at half the price. The brush even has rotating technology that helps you get that parlor-worthy curl to your hair as well the smooth texture. For more amazing hair products head to the Hair Straightener Studio.

  1. Style with Nourishment

The Xtava Pro-satin Infrared Hair Straightener is great for people with thick and rough hair. Customers with this hair type often look for products that can save time but still style it to perfection. This product is definitely one of them. It penetrates heat from the inside-out instead of the other way around (like most heat gadgets). This means that your cuticles will stay protected which equals to softer and healthier hair. Coming back to thick hair, the gadget has wide plates that are perfect for the said hair type.

  1. Straighten+Curl

We’re sure you have realized that we love dual-purpose products by now. This Hair Straightener cum Curling iron from Berta is a great combo device. Use the plates as you would usually to straighten your hair to perfection. For curling, lock the two plates together and you have a barrel for subtle curls, styled for the Gods. Go ahead, enjoy your dual life with the Berta Strarealized + Curling iron.

  1. Please Trends

Who doesn’t love to follow hair trends these days? Especially during summer months, the ‘beach wave’ seems to be a favorite of a lot of girls. It may not look as easy as it seems though. Countless YouTube tutorials later, you’re stuck with a nest on your head. However, with the Beachwaver curling iron, you never have to face another curl dilemma again. If you’re someone who isn’t really a hair person or you’re just plain lazy, this is the product for you. It’s that easy to use!

  1. Old School Curls

You’ve probably heard your mother talk about these all the time. We’re talking about the flexible curling rods. They’re super easy to use and really effective. All you have to do is wrap a bunch of these around sections of your hair and go to bed. Waking up with perfect bed-head curls in the morning is the best way to start your day.

  1. Specific Curls

If you’re someone who has specific tastes in curls, then the 5-in1 Curling Iron set is a good option for you. Catering to five different types of curls, the gadget comes with barrels to create those curls. From old-school curls, to lose beachy waves, this device will get you any type of curl you can imagine.

  1. Hair Dryer Galore

This Pro 1875W Hair Dryer from Revlon gets the work done right. Instilled with Infrared technology, the device distributes heat to the hair efficiently as if doing so in sections. It also keeps the cuticle happy and keeps the hair shinier and healthier than it was before.

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