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5 Surprising Uses of An Air Compressor

Air Compressors are appliances that almost everyone is familiar with. However, that doesn’t imply that it attains any joy from its listeners. Air compressors don’t necessarily have to remain a boring machine all the time. There are actually quite a few alternative uses for it, and you will be shocked to hear about them. According to sources, most people own a compressed air assessment for the purpose of enjoyment (rather than its actual utility). So, you see this machine can do more than just be of use for a flat tire. Here are five uses of an air compressor to prove our point and leave you speechless.


  1. Cleaning

Did you know you can use the Portable air compressor for cleaning? Well, we’re here to educate you. Although we don’t recommend using it to clean your things as the primary purpose, you can do it as an emergency hack. However, remember to clean the equipment in a breezy space that is ventilated well and also wear clothing that is safe. Also, do not turn the air towards you, ever! Always turn it the other way and secure the hose well so no one gets hurt. Also, research on the basic maintenance procedures for the type of compressor you are going to get. As reported by Bill Allen of OccupyTheFarm, oil-lubricated induction motors require regular checks for leaks and oil levels. Belt-driven motors need to have the belt serviced or replaced. Machines with moving parts are certain to have parts breaking or wearing down

  1. Paint Away

Have some last-minute painting work to be done? Don’t fret, as the air compressor is here to the rescue. This is probably one of the favorite ways to use the appliance and is one of the most creative as well. You can either do it yourself by looking up some do-it-yourself steps online or you can find a painter who will be willing to transform and personalize your vehicle or helmet however you’d like. Remember, you will need a somewhat smaller size machine to get this done. What are you waiting for? Your Spider man helmet awaits you!

  1. Diving Companion

In the diving world, compressed air is often used as a safety measure. This air is actually filtered into the cylinder that you see divers often carrying. Now, although the handy-dandy air compressors that we use in our garage isn’t used for high-pressure diving. However, a specialized version of it is used in the diving world to ensure the proper safety of divers under water. These air compressed cylinders actually have different modes, so the diver is able to adjust it whenever needed and according to the situation.

  1. Fake Snow

If you live in a hot or humid country, then you probably love snow. Everyone in tropical placesdream of having a white winter or at least seeing some hailstorms. Especially since your winters are barely like actual winters at all. But don’t fret, we have a way you can throw an ultimate snow party. You can use your air compressor as a DIY snow machine to have a blast. So next time you’re celebrating a birthday or just having some weekend fun, pull out the air compressor to make your very own snow (even when it’s in the middle of the year).

  1. Fix Flat Tires

We saved the last use for the most commonly known. It is, of course, inflating flat tires. You can browse this site for more information on air compressors. Anyway, this can be done for any sort of vehicles even large trucks. It all largely depends on the type of compressor. Inflating your tires often is a task you must do well and frequently. This is mainly for safety reasons because you never know when you’ll face a flat tire. Coming back to the type of compressor, you can use it depending on the size of the vehicle. For example, bicycles will need small pumps (that are air compressors by the way) to inflate the narrow tires they have.

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